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Architectural Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Architectural Design - analyse ExampleI visited the best seven-star hotel, and a series of 200 fabricated islands in the shape of the countries of the world, or climb the worlds t eachest building that were captivating and had the best machines that could be used by humanity to satisfy one best lifestyle. Amidst all this modernity, as you head from a swim in the sea or a business meeting to designer boutiques, a round of golf or a top teppanyaki restaurant, the age-old souks still attract those who like to haggle. Yet only a few kilometers into the royal desert there are still camels roaming free that have been the ship of the desert. There is a vibrant and cosmopolitan air about Dubai, for instance the way the traditional abrasions boats carry a kaleidoscope of tourists side by side with sari-wrapped Indians and locals sporting spotless dish dash. Outside of Dubai life is more traditional and moves at a slightly slower pace. As you explore the barren beauty of the mountains, or go about the UAEs East coast beaches, you exit findpeople friendly and willing to chat, even when lacking a common language. A visit to Dubai made me discover the varying floriculture in the emirates and the rule that stay them all as one family and community. Visitors to Dubai may be in for a bit of a culture shock. As well as meeting residents from ein truth corner of the earth, you will mingle with traditionally spiffed up Gulf Arabs in their dishdashas and Abayas. There is also the sound of the mosques at prayer time, Arabic chatter in coffee shops, the sweet smell of Arabian shisha (hubbly bubbly pipes), the beautiful intricate writing. It is all protrude of everyday Dubai culture. The Dubai people have been very kind since time in memorial. The culture is adorable and by observations, I noted some of the ideas that made me feel impressed Emirati life is very much gear around families, with marriage and children being the bedrock of society.Hospitality plays a key role in Dubai culture, particularly to strangers or newcomers, although older and more of the traditional Dubai citizens may be more reserved.Do not be surprised if you are invited to join an Emirati family for refreshment, and when carpet or jewellery shopping in particular, your tea will arrive almost before you do.It is polite to accept Dubai tradition like this graciously. This was one good association that I had not heard or seen off. I found it difficult to cope with the situation as some of the activities had been prohibited such as drinking and smoking that made my life difficult. Islam is inextricably intertwined with the very fabric of UAE society. Moslems see the Quran literally as the word of God, and it issues very specific moral guidelines, dealing with all issues of daily living. For this reason, the book itself is strongly revered, and must be respectfully treated. Although the most open of Arab societies in its culture, the Muslim tradition in Dubai is no different as i t is a way of living. Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims, is pronounced by prayer, fasting, and charity. As an Islamic country, Dubai culture is no different and many restaurants and cafes close during daylight hours. Non-Muslims should not eat, drink or smoke in public, but do so only in hole-and-corner(a) or at specially closed off hotel restaurants. I found it genuine that the Arabs in unify Arabs Emirates found it easy to cope with the life and act as staunch Muslim religion. With abovementioned trends as

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Advertisement for LibraTech Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Advertisement for LibraTech - Research Paper eccentric personfaceotes and documents from the convenience of their homes, and without having to carry heavy text books.The exact answer to all these problems being faced by different scholars has been solved by LibraTech Comp whatsoever.LibraTech is a Comp either that deals with information engineering science and that has tried to come up with a way of solving the reading problem of different individuals.The main objective of the company is ensuring availableness and reducing unwieldy procedures in reading.The Company is seeking a situation where referees can access any type of book online without any difficulty.With this advanced technology,readers exit also be able to read their documents genuinely fast and easily due to the flip-page technology.In addition,eReading will also dissemble articles which normally seem boring to be interesting due to the use of different colors and patterns.Thus,the technology also improves the read ing morale of the reader and builds his or her interest.The technology is very convenient and very crucial for any individual irrespective of the invent that they may be doing. This is because people can also access novels, travel books and even academic notes development the eReading version. Therefore, any individual who is seeking to access a wide variety of readings ranging from novels and notes to journals, should look no just than the LibraTech Company. In addition, individuals seeking to cut down on the time spent when reading books and manuals should embrace the flip-page technology in order to let off on their precious time. Furthermore, the technology will also help them to save on time spend when searching for a book. This is because as opposed to case where a person has to walk from one bookstore to another searching for a book, with the eReading technology all a person has to do is type the book title and click the enter button to search for it. The product will b e severalized the Read Engine. The name is very suitable for the eReading technology since eReading is like a type of formula that is mainly trying to help individuals to en overlarge their reading capacity and save time. From Physics, an engine or machine is defined as something makes work easier. Therefore, the name so fits the product perfectly since It is trying to make the reading work easier for all readers. In addition, eReading is also like an engine since it will be managing a lot of data at the same time. It will be being accessed by a large tot up of persons and thus it will involve heavy duty running just like any other machine. The other reason as to why I chose this name for the product is because it is a name that will build curiosity in many people thus attracting a large number of customers to try out and prove if indeed the name describes it perfectly. The name will indeed create the chump image that the Company is seeking since it is very unique and intriguing . Therefore, people will want to know what indeed is meant by the name Read Engine. Consequently, out of curiosity they will end up knowing about the technology and thus applying it in their studying too. Advertisement Plan Target Market In order to launch a perfect advertising campaign, the plan for LibraTech will first have to channelize the key target market of the company. In the use of this technology, generally the product can

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The Iraq War Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Iraq War - Research Paper ExampleThe primary rationale of multitude intervention in Iraq as was articulated by the joint congress resolution stated that it was essential to remove the regime of ibn Talal Hussein Hussein because it was developing and had previously used weapons of mass destruction (WWD), accompaniment and harboring terrorists and was committing serious human rights abuses (Gordon, 156). It was in like manner argued that it was important to change rogue regimes in the Middle East to thirst the support for militant Islamic extremists in the region. The U.S led invasion of Iraq besides relied on the authority accustomed by the UN Security Council Resolution that required the international community to employ all the necessary mover of compelling the then Iraqi regime to comply with the international obligations. Despite the fact that the United Nations Inspectors did not find any prior evidence of WMD, the U.N resolution was nevertheless issues based on the ar gument by some inspectors that they could not verify the accuracy of the Iraqi declarations regarding the weapons in its possession. Preparations for the multitude intervention in Iraq began as early as 2001 after President bush highlighted the intention of the U.S government to change the regime of Saddam Hussein. ... 2003, the rhetoric by the Bush administration against the Iraqi regime increased culminating to the February 2003 presentation of evidence of Iraqi WMD program by Colin Powell to the UN Security Council (Gordon, 89). There was however significant dispute within the U.S military intelligence regarding the accuracy of the conclusions that Iraq had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. The senate went ahead and approved the joint resolution thereby giving the Bush administration the necessary legal basis to launch the U.S led invasion of Iraq. The resolution reiterated the need to deputize Saddam Husseins government and promote democratic replacement. Opposition t o the Iraqi invasion however increasingly grew after the joint resolution with critics questioning the legitimacy of the invasion and legality of the war. Protests against the Iraqi war were also witnessed in several parts of the United States. In October 2002, the former U.S president Bill Clinton criticized the plotted war and warned ab fall out the potential dangers of such pre-emptive military actions. Dominique De Villepin, the former French Foreign Minister also argued that military intervention was the last solution and should not be carried out. Meanwhile a number of anti war protests were organized in many parts of the world denouncing the decision to wage war against Iraq. The first-year coalition military operation began in July 2002 when a team of members of CIA special activities division and the Joint excess Operations Command (JSOC) entered Iraq and began making preparations for the invasion by conventional allied forces. Their initial tasks included carrying out r econnaissance missions, identifying targets and persuading Iraqi commanders to surrender rather than opposing the invasion. On March 20,

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Marketing Plan of APPLET-I Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

merchandise Plan of APPLET-I - Research Paper ExampleThe paper presents the environmental analysis regarding the current situation of the ecesis or firm to the marketing environment (target market). The environmental analysis mainly considers the external factors influencing the market. There atomic number 18 a number of external factors they are, economic, competitive, political, legal (regulatory), technical and socio-cultural factors. These factors are also known as big environmental factors. This study analyzes the strategic decisions for doing the market research. The competition among the estimator training centre is strong in Cochin. The company faces competition from many online education organizations. The main competitors for the company are Gtech and Aptech and 30 to 40 share of market share are holded by them. But the forward-looking courses like I phone and I pad applications are only provided by the Applet-I. So at the initial stage we are not expecting much comp etition. The economic factors are used to reduce the overall cost, like promotion expenses and other expenses. frugality force is an important macro environmental factor because, these forces effectively make decisions how to operate the business. Most of the new generation business largely invests the amount to the promotional activities. APPLET-i, introducing the specialty in promotion. There are more or less new techniques are used with low cost comparing with the competitors. The main promotion tool is tender networking sites such as face book, orkut etc. No political influences is expected to affect the smooth trading operations of Applet-I. 4. Legal Forces By paying more attention in advertisement finished Medias and through the postulate contact of targeted customers, the company can reach upto the target groups. So we are keeping ourselves aside from distributing advertisements through mails (junk mails). 5. Technological Forces In this most modern world technologies a re changing second by seconds. The technological forces include the aspects of research and development, automation, the rate changes in technology etc. Technological forces influence the outsourcing decisions. The changes in technology can effects the cost, quality and make innovation like products, process, new technologies, services and ideas. In APPLET-i using the modern technology for its services. 6. Socio Cultural Forces Today the people have a positive attitude towards the computer education. They find it as an easyand convenient way forattaining any certified course within a very short duration. They can learn it as a part course too. This is less m consuming and cost effective too. Company Analysis APPLET-i is based

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James McNeil Whistler Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

pack McNeil Whistler - Research Paper ExampleScale of work describing James McNeil Whistler can be said to be small scale, probably explaining the apparent reason of his bluish following. However, there is an important attribute that can be spotted in his work his untold legacy that influenced the artistic productionistic world forever (Rutter 113).Personally, I have a rare liking for pieces of art by James McNeil Whistler as well as his deep passion for art. It is evident that he would go a fortune in a legal procedure fighting for a better definition of his art work, to depict the soft part he had for art (Block, 2000, p94). His honorary awards and memberships into famous world art forums further attest to this. I certainly enjoy the art depicted in his pieces. On the otherwise hand, as a critic, I obviously would never fail to criticize his undefined scope of art. Clearly, the wanting(p) link to his popularity squarely lies in over optimism to tackle every life topic in th e limited platform of art. There is a backward feature in his character I that he was arrogant, and rebelliousness to his patrons, which certainly contributed to his

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The form of local government and his structure Essay

The form of local presidency and his structure - endeavor ExampleOut of 39 counties of Washington, 33 atomic number 18 non-charter, which run the government of electric charge form offered by the state. Under the commission form, the county government is governed by a body that consists of three members of commissioners board who are elected. The election is based on partisan and serves as a legislative body of the county as wellhead as performing executive functions. Counties with greater population of more than 300,000 can add the number of commission members from three to five. On the other hand, home rule charter can offer counties with officers that they regard it indispensable in carrying out functions of the county (County of Washington, 2014).Referendum has influenced the local politics of Washington. It has helped to protect the rights of the citizens through direct democracy. Therefore, it has enabled the citizens of Washington to eliminate government that is represen tative and to remedy it when it turns to be misrepresentative. In addition, the petition go has been utilized in the county government of Washington. It has presumption the citizens of Washington superiority that is automatic and sovereignty above government that is representative. More over, the recall is constitutionally delineate for the citizens of Washington. It allows citizens to remove and substitute a public official before the term ends in the office.Citizens initiate the process of petition, and if it goes through it eliminates an official elected from office through recalling the officials elections. Besides, democratic reform trilemma has in any case brought great influence to the citizens of Washington based on three characteristics. These characteristics include participation, deliberation, and equality (Washington County, 2014). Participation enhances extended participation in the process of decision making by the affected people. Deliberation enables a equilibr ize discussion where all main points of view are prejudiced based on

Do social networks encourage sport participation Dissertation

Do kind networks hike up sport connection - Dissertation ExampleIndividuals started to build online persona. In reality, some information is genuinely confidential to the extent no one would want to share with their family and certainly not with a master hiring manager. Individuals are using this new data base in of personal information in equivocal ways ethically. The lack of regulations, clear guidelines, has led to dissemination of information across the internet for a blueprint other than that intended. Employment screening is one of the more infringements to the rights to Facebook users. This is a paper that responds to the question do complaisant networks encourage sport participation? List of Contents Introduction Aim and objectives Rationale Literature redirect examination and theoretical framework Methodology Findings, Analysis and Evaluation Final discussion and Recommendations Recommendations for further research Do societal networks encourage sport participatio n? Introduction genial Media is a great way to encourage sport participation by spreading the word about local sports and other general sensible activity programmes. Social media can be used as a tool to further participation in sports. A social networking service is an online platform, or site that is used for social interaction. They focuses on facilitation of construct social relations or social networks among plenty sharing same interests, backgrounds, real-life connections or sporting activities. A social network service is constituted of each user (often represented through a profile), the case-by-cases social links, and some additional services. Most social network services are web-based and leave alone an online form of interaction among the users through the Internet. Nowadays the world is changing rapidly and selling styles should follow people trends. Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. Increased communicatio n for organizations fosters send awareness and often, improved customer service. Also, social media is a cheap and effective platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns. Social networking websites allow people to interact with each other and build relationships. Business organisations join these sites, so that people could interact with the product or familiarity. That interaction feels personal to users because of their previous experiences with social networking site interactions. Social networking users are allowed to retweet or repost comments made by the product being promoted. In consequence, when people repeat the message, that company posted, all other users are able to escort the message, therefore reaching more people. What is more, through social networking sites like Facebook or Goolge+, organizations can create their own group, where interested people follow the company and see different news and promotions1 every day, when simply checking their socia l feeds. As well as, the organisation itself can submit who to invite into their group, thereby reaching narrow target market. Cell phone is another aspect of social media marketing that makes it even more effective..Today, many cell phones have social networking capabilities individuals are notified of any happenings on social networking sites through their cell phones, in real-time. This constant connection to social networking sites means products and companies can ever remind and update followers about their

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Dissertation - Can an organisation's growth be restricted Essay

Dissertation - Can an organisations growth be restricted (constrained) by its recruitment policies, employee motivation or is it other factors - Essay ExampleFor this reason, there is a strong involve to cook the best way to increase the work motivation of the older generation employees.For this study, the researcher aims to determine whether the institutions growth be restricted by its recruitment policies and avocation motivation strategies on workers more than 50 years of age. To address the purpose of the study, the researcher will first conduct a literature review on organisational culture, work equality, importance of work flexibility and work-life balance, and the current employment law with regards to the pension age. Eventually, the researcher will conduct a quantitative and qualitative research succeed among employees more than 50 years old.Organizational culture refers to a set of norms, beliefs, principles and behaviour that gives the organization a unique character. (Brown, 1995) It is also defined as a pattern of behaviour developed by an organization to cope with problems related to external adaptation and internal integration aside from enabling the employees to feel and debate positively. David (1999 143)Organizational culture is a paradigm which is often developed by employees within the organization. Over time, organisational culture forms a strong set of behavioural patterns and belief that could greatly affect the perception of employees with regards to its organisational goals and success. (Willcoxson & Millett, 2000) In fact, organization culture could greatly influence not only the success of the organization in terms of attaining its organizational goals but also its current performance. (DuBrin, 2002 David, 1999 Robbins, 1998)In order to effectively develop a strong organizational culture, managers play an important role when it comes to determining and implementing an acceptable organizational culture that promotes employees th e true as well as motivating them to participate in supporting the effort on attaining the organizational goal

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Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Literature review ExampleThis paper aims to analyze the belles-lettres available on the concept of customer gladness hence it is divided into two major partings for the suggest of defining a flow. Initially a very concise review of the concept itself is provided, in accrue of the writings available, it is then extended to cover and analyze in detail the parallel notion of helping whole tone which is often at times considered to be in cor parity with customer felicity. The second section focuses on the specific gain industry aspect of E-banking services, the service itself is explained and described, followed by an analysis with regards to service quality in the E-banking sector, and furthermore in order to narrow the case in focus, the service quality of E-banking in the Saudi Arabian banking sector is taken under consideration. All the analysis is in light of the literature available with regards to the topics under study. ... tion as a concept has occupied a unique positi on in marketing practice and research on part of the academia, since the initial research and study undertaken by Cardozo (Cardozo, 1965) on the topics of customer efforts, their expectations and most importantly their satisfaction. Regardless of the fact that the researchers and analysts around the globe have put in great effort and numerous attempts have been made at defining the notion of customer satisfaction and its measurement, there still exists no consensus amongst them. Customer satisfaction is most commonly regarded as the post ingestion feeling and the evaluation on part of the customer about a particular harvest-time of service (Gundersen, Heide and Olsson, 1996). It is a judgment based on evaluation of the pre-consumption expectations from a carrefour/service and the performance of the product on that scale of perception according to the post-consumption experience (Oliver, 1980). The concept which is most widely accepted and related to customer satisfaction is the c oncept is the expectancy disconfirmation theory, this was a theory devised by Oliver who claimed that satisfaction take aim is the gap between the expectation and the actual performance of a product. Satisfaction, which is regarded as the positive disconfirmation, occurs when the products performance is better than the expectation, while on the contrary, when the performance is less than the expectation then it is termed negative disconfirmation, or in simple terminology as dissatisfaction (McQuitty, Finn and Wiley, 2000). Studies throughout time have shown that customer satisfaction has a major impact on business results, and it has been claimed that customer satisfaction has a positive relation with business

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Recycling Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

cycle - Research Paper ExampleAn understanding of the term recycling is essential, as it is the base of our argument (Goldsmith, 2010).Recycling refers to the conversion of waste products into new materials. It is the separation, collection and subsequent transformation or manufacturing of waste products into usable products. The transformed usable products are of market value. The materials are converted into, either a secondary product or the same product. The recycled material replaces the virgin material during the usage or manufacturing process. Recycling is essential to industries and society in meeting their goals of efficient management of the limited resources, the cost reduction, and reduced landfill engagement (Donald, 2001).Therefore, recycling is the process of converting wastes or useless products into useful products for humans. The process will help reduce white plague of naked materials, reduce energy consumption, and reduce glasshouse gas emission of global war ming contamination (Isayev & Khait, 2005).The process is a cycle made up of three main stages. Collecting and sorting is the graduation stage. Here, there is the collection, then processing and sorting of waste materials to the type for the use. The second stage is the manufacturing stage. At this stage, the put in and the sorted materials pass through manufacturing. Lastly, we have the selling or providing the recycled products to the consumers. The purchase of the materials ends the cycle (Bertolini, Delalande & Hubesch, 2009).Recycling is historic in environmental protection. It helps in waste reduction and reusing of materials. The process reduces the need for extraction, refining, and the need for processing the raw materials that causes a substantial water and air pollution. An importance of such processes helps to reduce the level of pollution from the waste. For instance, it prevents the greenhouse gasses and the harmful chemicals

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Potential Market for Best Buy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Potential Market for Best Buy - Assignment ExampleAccording to the Central erudition Agency, chilli pepper has an estimated population of 16,601,707, which ranks it 60th when comp ard to the former(a) countries in the world (2009). Located along the southwesterlywestern swoop of South America, Chile has a total area of 756,102 sq km and shares common borders with Argentina, Bolivia and Peru (Central Intelligence Agency, 2009).The economic website in Chile is promising, in part because Chiles government has developed policies which encourage the use of the country as an enthronisation platform for multinational organizations wishing to operate in South America (Global Edge Chile, 2010). Chile also has a Foreign Investment Law which provides distant investors with the same benefits as Chilean businesses. enrolment is straightforward and foreign investors are able to repatriate their profits and capital through the official foreign exchange market (Global Edge Chile, 2010).Chile is characterized by a market economy therefore has a high level of foreign trade with export accounting for 40% of the GDP most which are commodities (http//www.theodora.com). It has a reputation for a strong financial institution and sound policy making it the strongest alliance rating in South America (http//www.theodora.com).It has reco... It has recorded a total GDP of $240.3 trillion in 2007, $248 billion in 2008 and $244.3 billion in 2009 (http//www.theodora.com). The decline is mostly attributed to the recession. These figures show a positive harvest-home rate in 2008 but a negative one in 2009. To be specific, it is estimates that GDP grew by 3.2% in 2008, although less than the 4.7% growth in 2007 and a negative rate of -1.5% in 2009 (http//www.theodora.com). Other germane(predicate) figures are unemployment rate increased from 7.75% in 2008 to 10% in 2009, inflation rate declined from 8.7% in 2008 to 1. 7% in 2009 and exchange rate of Chilean peso per dollar also weake ned from 509.02 in 2008 to 569.37 in 2009 (http//www.theodora.com). Although the 2009 figures show signs of recession, the economy is expected to be on the course of exiting recession on a sluggish basis (Antonio de la Jara). Chiles Stand on Trade and Foreign Direct InvestmentChile deepened its long commitment to trade liberalization with the signing of a free trade agreement with the US, which took effect on 1 January 2004. Chile claims to have more bilateral or regional trade agreements than any other country (http//www.theodora.com).Currently, Chile has signed 57 agreements (not all of them full free trade agreements), which includes that with the European Union, Mercosur, China, India, South Korea, and Mexico (http//www.theodora.com). Over the past five years, foreign direct investment inflows have quadrupled to some $17 billion in 2008, but FDI dropped to about $7 billion in 2009 in the face of diminished investment throughout the world (http//www.theodora.com). Chile is inde ed a wonderful place to venture into investment as the government is

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Christianity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Christianity - Essay ExampleHe gave his disciples instructions to go and make to a greater extent disciples for the Lord baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the countersign and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything that Jesus had commanded them. in that respect is thus a relationship between these two endings based on the events that were happening during this time. After an unmarried has had faith that Jesus Christ is Lord and that He came to die for our sins the individual is born again. This is to say that this mortal has been made a disciple of Jesus and should thus be baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. This therefore means that while Jesus died, Christians died with Him and that His death delivered Christians from sin.The evaluate audience of the first gospel singing is individuals who are interested in learning the death and crucifixion of Jesus Christ while the expected audience of the second gospel is people interested in learning how to make disciples for

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Movie Critique on Gothika Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Critique on Gothika - Movie look into ExampleMovie Critique on GothikaShe is paid a lot of money and to her, the patients are only when upset. She is doing her usually routine of a morning swim and working her normal case load alone one day she travels down the high port and meets a fair sex in flames. She almost runs over this woman but has stopped the car to see what happened to her. The woman in flames is in turmoil. The next thing that the head-shrinker knew is that she is in a psych ward prison cell for the murder of her husband. The story revolves around trying to line up who murders this girl on the road and clearing her name. She is in a frantic battle with the psychiatric prison facility staff to clear her name. The psychiatrist clears both her and one of her main patients when she discovers that the patient was actually attack by one of the halts who is responsible in murdering the girl in flames and the umpteen other(a) girls at the ward. The guard and the psych iatrists husband had been raping women for a long time in the facility. The story presented in this impression had so m whatsoever twists and turns and interwoven pieces that it made for a great story while being a horror lease. The types in the story were portrayed wisely delivering an outstanding performance. Halle Berry is a remarkable actress in most movies she is in and she won an oscar in some of her film Monsters Ball so it is no surprise that she is capable of a brilliant performance. Halle Berry played the psychiatrist and she is incredibly rich and famous. It is important to recognize that if she was not famous, she would harbour still delivered a great performance because we see the flawless acting with an elegant flow. She is unlike whatever other actress because she draws her audience in effortlessly. She is incredibly beautiful but somehow conveys such an ordinary character position. Robert Downey Jr is also in the film and his role is more subdued but it still de livers quite an daze because it is Robert Downey Jr. When he is forced to go against Halle, we see a performance that is quite honest and accepted in its legal transfer. The prison guard has a poor performance only in the reason that I found he had an annoying persona and did not play evil enough like other people play evil. He is far from being an Anthony Hopkins type character from The Silence of the Lambs. Penelope Cruz plays crazy and beautiful extremely well and holds her own and goes beyond that in this film. Her acting ability is outstanding and her delivery of portraying most characters is quite powerful. The cinematography has quite an impact because the woman in flames is so tortured and is also quite close at acting. The flames and the blood scenes are quite remarkable in hurt of how esthetically pleasing and horryifying they are all at the same time. The thunder storm on Halles way home and the swim scene is incredible as well because we all like a good thunderstorm in a movie. The editing had quite an impact and I felt that the scenes that were in the movie delivered such an awesome film and nothing was left out. We see the many great qualities in this film with the editing job because there was nothing in it that needed to be added or left out. only the scenes belonged and brought the film to a position of greatness that we have to pay tribute to the editor for doing such a good job. The sound was good but not much more impressive as compared to any other film. We see the woman in flames screaming and the scenes where Halle has fits and outbursts in her reflection of memories

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Written Play Reports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Written Play Reports - Essay ExampleGeorge Cuckors care is stunningly elaborate and his skilful handling ensures that none of the scripts acerbic wit and irony is diminished downstairs the fluff of the musical numbers. The execution of the musical is hence praiseworthy and a truly befitting grant to the George Bernard Shaws classic Pygmalion. Apart from the main protagonists, the actors flowing Eliza Doolittles father and Professor Higgins mother, stand out for their acidic separateness of dialogue and dialogue delivery. 2. Write a paragraph talking about the set design, the lighting, the costumes, the special effects, and the boilersuit effect of the play. The film has sumptuous well lit sets of royal ballrooms where every pixel on penetrate appears buffed up and polished, with men and women draped in regal finery in sharp contrast to the threadbare and mother fucker encrusted faces of the poor folks at the shabby flower market. The set of Higgins library stuffed full of ba d bound books and recording instruments seemed quite realistic for a professor of his stature. The background score backed by a full orchestra credibly supports and carries the play through its many moods. The costumes, scenery and production design-the handiwork of Cecil Beaton- was indeed successful in the challenge of intricately recreating London of a bygone era and ensuring that the characters and sets were not cut down to caricatures. It is known that an entire sound stage was converted into a hair, make-up and costume area for prepping for the famed Ascot sequence. 3. Write a paragraph describing the script of the play. Talk about which of the following aspects of the play are all-important(prenominal) to this script. You may not have to talk about all of these aspects in your paragraph, just the ones important to this play subject matter, style, point-of-view, language, characterization, theme. While the story may be of a cockney girls transformation into a peeress on th e back of a wager between an arrogant misogynistic phonetics professor and his friend- the genial interlocutor Col. Pickering, the subtexts digest significantly deeper and are rife with satire and social commentary on how language and dialects create barriers and dress social mobility and a lowly flower girls grit to break that barrier and to obtain a violate station in life and be a respected lady as articulated by her in Isnt it loverly? and an arrogant professor whose interest in the matter is entirely selfish. It is the style of show and articulation of these thoughts through intelligent verbal duelling and lyrical jousting like that of the pompous Prof. Higgins, the blatantly immoral Alfred DO little that entertains and enlightens the audience throughout. Despite perpetuating cultural stereotypes the musical remains non judgemental and largely fair and the watching the metabolism of Hepburns Eliza Dolittle is quite enthralling. The film succeeds in showing the audience how accents and language reflects class and upbringing and how it can meet a persons life and lifestyle. 4. Who would you recommend see this play? This musical for all its attention to detail, its extravagant costumes and witty banter would appeal to the most discerning of audiences of all ages and watching the story unfold from a ternion person perspective is quite interesting, the story line itself being refreshing for a transatlantic audience. simply even if these fail to impress, who can resist the charm and grace of Audrey Hepburn and the hope that the character of Eliza Dolittle holds out. Sound of harmony 1) The movie in its appearance and content has more or less lived up to the source or origin, the autobiography of Maria Von Trapp (The Story of the Trapp Family

Senator Profile Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Senator Profile - Essay ExampleCorker is a Presbyterian and in his late twenties, he participated in a mission trip to Haiti. This trip inspired him to become proactive in the welfare of his home community. He remarkably pioneered the founding of battle of Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, a not-for-profit organization aimed at providing low interest home loans as well home maintenance friendship to thousands of Tennesseans since 1986. This enterprise since its inception in 1986 has aided many families to enjoy decent, fit, and affordable housing. Prior to his graduation from the university, Corker worked as a construction laborer. This points out to his love for hard work and determination to succeed in life. Upon his graduation, he worked as a construction superintendent where he managed to save adequate money. He later commenced his let construction company in 1979 with $ 8,000 he had saved from his former job. Admirably, this company grew tremendously gaining reputation owed to run across deadlines not only on time but too below the budget. This attracted numerous clients prompting him to cover operations in eighteen states. In 1999, he had gathered enough funds to purchase 2 of the largest and oldest commercial real estate companies in Chattanooga. When appointed Tennessee Commissioner of Finance and arrangement by Governor mount Sundquist in1994, bob exhibited exemplary leadership. In his two years in this docket, he tightened the states budget and helped eradicate poverty by creating jobs for almost forty thousand Tennesseans. In 2001, Corker rises to become the mayor of Chattanooga where he serves for one term. During his tenure as the mayor, he is famous of fascinating $ 2.1 gazillion new investments to Chattanooga. He withal transformed the waterfront as well as implemented the merit bonus pay for teachers. This course of study improved student achievement especially in most poor performing schools. He also markedly contributed to crime reduction by working closely with local law enforcement officials. Focusing on his political life, Bobs interest in politics dates back in 1994 when he say his interest in contending for the senatorial seat on a Republican ticket. Unfortunately, he lost to his major(ip) opponent Bill Frist during the Republican primaries. However, even after losing to Bill, he continually supported Bill to the global election. This is adorable as it portrays his partisanship and loyalty to the Republican Party. Remarkably, the critics of Bills campaign manager who label him pond scum did not move him. Soon after the 1994 elections, Don Sunquist appointed him the Commissioner of Finance and Administration for the State of Tennessee where he served between 1995 and 1996. During his time in this office, Bob is attributable with numerous achievements like the $2.1 billion investment, cutting down crime by almost half, improving the quality of education amongst others. Bob served as the Mayor for Cha ttanooga following his victory in the 2001 elections. As a Mayor, he is significant for his prise addition to education in Chattanooga. This he achieved by implementing a merit based bonus system. This program entailed giving bonuses to principals and teacher whose students exhibited improved performances. This encouraged competition amongst schools and ultimately improved performance of the students around Chattanooga. It is also during this time that Corker established a program aimed at facilitating monthly meetings with public

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Girl Interrupted Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Girl Interrupted - Movie analyse ExampleAs the story progresses, Susanna became attached to Lisa who influenced her to cause troubles with the other patients. There was even a heyday where Susanna rejected the idea that she wasnt sick as what her boyfriend had told her because she relied much on Lisa. Susanna only came to realize how self-destructive Lisas personality was after Daisy killed herself and Lisa showed no mercy. Lisa even attacked Susanna and threatened to kill herself, too. At the end of the movie, Susanna was released from the institution. She left a remarkable line Crazy isnt about being broken, or swallowing a dark secret. Its you, or me, amplified.... tally to a study conducted by World Health Organization (2010) depression, anxiety, psychological distress, sexual strength, domestic violence and escalating rates of substance use affect women to a greater extent than men across contrasting countries and different settings.

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The Conquest of Mexico Essay Example for Free

The Conquest of Mexico EssayWe all(a) go to sleep that to a point thither are always two ramps. The story can charter a great change depending on what side is telling the story. We can argue the same affaire to the devastating Spanish conquest of Mexico. That was Stuart B. Schwartz, a Professor at Yale University main objective to give the subscriber a detailed view of the Spanish conquest of Mexico both by the Nahua and the Spanish perspective presenting a balanced and fair collection of European and Native American sources complemented by his own expert analysis. Victors and Vanquished demonstrates that personalised interest, class and ethnic biases, and political opinions can influence the interpretation of events. While the tragic events still mince to the Spanish conquest both sides of the story recall the motivations of the conquest from very distinct ways, in admission I think that it is important to look at the greed and lies to the Spanish conquest.Schwartz in the introduction provides the reader with a comprehensive description of the Mesoamerica and Spanish society. This includes the end of the Classic Era and how Mexica Empire rose to occasion and how it expanded through all of Central America. The most nonable theme in the whole story is the greed and lies that almost of all timey single character represents in the story. The Mexica for example make the foundation of Tenochtitlan where there is estimated that is was occupied by more 150,000 people. The Mexica sacrifices and torture people from other tribes making them the most dominate empire of Central Mexico their city Tenochtitlan was a great example of this too Gazing on such wonderful sights, we did not know what to say, or whether what appeared before us was real.Bernal Diaz knew the Mexica Empire was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. Werent the Mexica people close too? They sacrificed people, children and animals to their God Huitzilopochtli, Tlloc, Huehue teotl and Tezcatlipoca to obtain what they needed. On the other side of the existence the Spanish had been fighting for Catholicism most of the European countries were converted to Christianity. Popes dominated the society alone they as the same King and lowest rank solider had the same vision, Money and power. Conquistadores had been traveling around the world trying to find lucrative amount of goal, taking over territories fewtimes already occupies, and making the indigenous people slaves to their commands.Bernal Diaz in his second writing speaks of Hernan Cortez setting foot in Tenochtitlan and meeting with some representatives of Montezuma. Diaz describes the envision differently of the real intentions of Cortez. He explains that Cortez treats the representative with kindness and leaves the representatives with a good impression of him. He says that he is there only to trade with the Indians and nothing else.Cortez believes that Montezuma has gold hidden somewhere and for t his he sends back the representatives some presents Montezuma received these gifts but he desired not to be interview in other oral communication he didnt want asked questions instead he send Cortez fine gift a helmet fill up with gold instead of making new friends Montezuma fell in trap that Cortez secretly desire to know if there were fine mines in Tenochtitlan.Therefore the Spanish conquest was not a massacre it was a well brought plan by the conquistadores full of lies and greed. The Mexica wouldnt of fall into their plan if they too werent greedy and would just stick to their own cultivations and own resources.

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An Evaluation of Academic Performance of Grade 1 Pupils with and Without Early Childhood Experience Essay Example for Free

An Evaluation of Academic Performance of home run 1 Pupils with and Without archaeozoic boorhood Experience EssayBright minds overhear bright prospective Preparatory children nowadays atomic number 18 uttermost better than before they are more advanced in teaching and more capable of gripping the methods of withdrawing that employ with them. Modern teaching accompanied with modules and analytical measures develop the preschoolers keeping retention that serves as the foundation of their discipline. Kids right away are more allowing and not afraid to interpret to discover new ways and methods of learning.The pass judgment of preschool is a hot topic these days. A sm each(prenominal) barely growing number of studies concern catalogue in preschool or child care centers (which typically overwhelm a preschool computer programme) to higher cognitive and lyric poem scores on kindergarten- entryway testsThe early childhood stage is a permanent learning stage. so me(prenominal) they learn now, they will take home. This preschool education is the provision of education for children before the commencement of statutory education, commonly mingled with the ages of three and five, dependent on the jurisdiction. The institutional arrangements for preschool education set out widely around the world, as do the names applied to the institutions. Effective preschool education can assist make all children quick to learn the day they start school and, more importantly, help keep mum the enormous gap facing children in poverty. Preschool gives our kids the strong foundation they need to be successful in school and in life. Children who attend pre-kindergarten programs have bigger vocabularies and increased math skills, know more earn and more letter-sound associations, and are more familiar with words and book concepts, according to a number of studies (Patson P. Opido 2010).The child is the ultimate concern in all educational processes. He is the beginning at the end of all educational efforts. The goal of education is to help every child grow up well-rounded physically well-developed, mentally healthy, intelligently alert, emotionally secure and socially well adjusted. These can be truly procured by giving attention to the childs foundation.The first day of the children in school is a unequalled experience. It may be their first contact with big group of children. The difference among first grade disciples in their level of preparedness to grade one work may vary. The grade I teacher should be aware of the differences in the childrens dexterity some readiness is the springboard to do actions. Knowing pupils differences will guide the teacher on what to do to develop them to the fullest ( Lindberg and Swedo, 1995).A child innate(p) of a healthy, responsible and emotionally mature parents has a good foundation. His parents, especially the mother, guide him through the ripe habits of eating, sleeping and cleanliness.An i ndividuals attitude toward him egotism and others, his behaviour either at work or at play, and his emotional roots in his early childhood experiences. What he learns at home constitutes the basis for future learning and adjustment.As the child develops social awareness, he needs to experience association with a larger group outside his home. Parents send their children to school simply because they want them to develop basic health habits and self sufficiency. Furthermore, this also includes the ability to use language patterns for simple and correct social attitudes in relation to the familiarity of people around him, whether adults or other children and the appreciation of the aesthetic attributes of his immediate surroundings.Modern teaching accompanied with modules and analytical measures develop the preschoolers memory retention serving as the foundation of their education. Kids today are more willing and not afraid to try to discover new ways and methods of learning. The va lue of preschool is a hot topic these days. A small but growing number of studies link enrolment in preschool or child care centers (which typically include a preschool curriculum) to higher cognitive and language scores on kindergarten-entry tests. The early childhood stage is a permanent learning stage. Whatever they learn now, they will take home. This preschool education is the provision of education for children before the commencement of statutory education, usually between the ages of three and five, dependent on the jurisdiction.Parents on the other hand, play a vital role in educating their children because they are their first teachers, which is the greatest contribution before a child ever begins his formal education in school. When a child enters the formal school, he carries out with him the acquired values from his parents. Just like the teachers task, if parents fail to perform their responsibilities, it may bring misbehaviour on their children which may directly or i ndirectly affect the childs faculty member performance.In the Philippine public elementary schools today, sexual tensions have been continuously affecting the learners going to grade one level, especially those who had never gone to whatever kind of schooling before. These learners entering grade one have many apprehensions. Most of them have no experiences in going to school. Parents are not capable of sending them to school especially those in removed(p) and slum areas. Instead of giving their children a chance to study in Day Care Centers and Kindergarten in some public elementary schools, they ended up waiting for their to be accepted in Grade mavin.With these scenarios the pupils encounter difficulties in catching up with different skills like numeracy and literacy which are now the basic skills requisite in the first grade level of formal schooling. These children also suffer in relating themselves to their new environment, the school. In order to have a smooth transitio n from home to school and to prepare them socially and psychologically, the curriculum on the Early puerility Experiences was recommended for adoption in all public elementary schools as include in Every Child A Reader Program ( ECARP). It aims to developing the reading readiness and developmental reading in Grade one as launched by the Department of fosterage.One of the major goals of the 2015 Education for All (EFA) is the expansion of the coverage and improvement of the quality of the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) programs in the country. The present government administration in its Ten-Point Agenda has declared a policy calling for the standardisation of preschool and day care centers.The Department of Education (DepEd) in support of this thrust will administer schooling Readiness sound judgment tribulation to All Grade One Entrants, effective SY 2005-2006. The School Readiness Assessment (SRA) is a tool to determine the readiness of Grade One entrants in tackl ing formal Grade One work.The School Readiness Assessment Tool will be administered by Grade One teachers help by the Grade Two and Three teachers one week before opening of classes. The assessment shall not be treated as an entrance test or examination. No child shall be refused entry to Grade 1 based on the leave alones neither of this assessment nor without preschool experience.To continuously determine the school readiness of all Grade One Entrants, the School Readiness Assessment (SReA) was administered. One of the objectives of SReA is to assess pupils readiness across the different developmental domains piggy and fine motor, receptive/ expressive language, cognitive domain and socio- economic domain.The result obtained was the basis for grouping the Grade One entrants. It was also used to guide Grade One teachers in providing appropriate instruction and assistance to address specific needs of the pupils.The result of the School Readiness Test in May 2011 identified that thither were at least forty two point 90 eight percent of the school population of Grade One entrants were not ready. Children with No Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) has low average in pupils readiness across the different developmental domains gross and fine motor, receptive/ expressive language, cognitive domain and socio- economic domain.Background of the StudyThe researcher is propel by the above mentioned situation and this led to the conceptuality of this study. As an educator, the researcher is faced with the fact that there is an imperative need to strengthen and streamline the internal management of educational arrangements in order to achieve efficiency and responsiveness to trends and challenges of the next millennium. It is therefore the aim of this study to empower parents and positively influence them on affirmative effects of pre-school education in the holistic development of their children particularly on the advancement of their academic performanc e.The value of preschool is a hot topic these days. A small but growing number of studies link enrolment in preschool or child care centers (which typically include a preschool curriculum) to higher cognitive and language scores on kindergarten-entry tests. The early childhood stage is a permanent learning stage. Whatever they learn now, they will take home. This preschool education is the provision of education for children before the commencement of statutory education, usually between the ages of three and five, dependent on the jurisdiction. The institutional arrangements for preschool education vary widely around the world, as do the names applied to the institutions ( Bustos Alicia and Espiritu 1985).The Early Childhood Experiences Curriculum, hence all Grade One teachers are expected to implement it. Teachers are also encouraged to make use of local songs, games, dances and indigenous materials to meliorate the curriculum. It is hoped that the Early Childhood Experience for Grade One will greatly benefit the children and strengthen efforts to make the schools child-friendly.Theoretical FrameworkThis study is anchored on Edward Thorndikes, Jerome Bruners, and B.F. Skinners Theories of Learning. These theories enabled the researcher in the conceptualization of this work.The legal philosophy of Readiness as advocated by Thorndike is associated with mind set. It states that when an organism is prepared to respond to a stimulus, allowing doing so would be satisfying while preventing him would be annoying. This law works well in this study because the children is mentally ready to learn. The Law of Exercise states that the constant repetition of solvent strengthens its connection with the stimulus, while disuse of response weakens it. The exercises inclined to the children using a modifiable connection like instructional materials enables them to acquire the learning easier and faster because the responses will be utilized, the stronger the connection to be developed. Thus, when a modifiable between a stimulus and a response has been made, it is strengthened if its results in satisfaction as the Law of effect proves.Jerome Bruners (1915) theory of Instrumental conceptualization is also applied as it involves (3) three simultaneous processes as Acquisition, Transformation and Evaluation. This theory of learning believes that the encyclopedism of whatever form of knowledge acquisition, who selects structures, retains and transforms information. Teaching without the use of proper strategic plans will result to failure. by School Readiness Assessment Test (SReA), pupils will acquire knowledge through different techniques used by the researchers. Hence, learning to read is facilitated by Skinners Theory.Conceptual FrameworkThis study think on the evaluation of academic performance of Grade One pupils with and without Early Childhood Experience of Sto. Nio Elementary School. The independent variable consist of School Readiness Assessme nt Test (SReA) for children with and without Early Childhood Experience while the dependent variable is the academic performance of the respondents in terms of the next Sensory Discrimination, Concept Formation, Numeracy, Reading Readiness and Construction and Visual Motor Integration.

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The invisible white privilege Essay Example for Free

The out of sight blank privilege Essay bloodless people, from birth, automatically benefit from their light skin color, enjoying the privileges relating to child cargon, education, hygiene, careers, politics, etc. Compared to etiolated people, people of color are at a distinct disadvantage. They are treated differently than purity people, and they are the ones that suffer, non having this same privilege. In Peggy McIntoshs article White Privilege Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, McIntosh describes how whites conceptualise the invisible privilege.In society, white people are treated better than non-white people since segregation, beauty trends, political power, social connections, and street crime seem to be better for them. According to McIntosh, White Privilege is an invisible package of unearned assets granted to white people (McIntosh 1). They can enjoy special advantages that are beyond common advantages of people of color. White privilege is a social constructed phen omenon. Besides physical appearance, there is no biological difference between white people and the non-white people.It is society that distinguishes whites from people of color, and it tends to recognize all races anyhow those who are white. Living in a society of white dominance, whites are carefully taught to ignore the circumstance that white privilege puts them at an advantage. This is because, according to McIntosh, deconstruction of white privilege threatens the myths and ideas about this nation, and it challenges the notion of tally opportunity and meritocracy (McIntosh 2). There are many ways that white privilege unchanging exists today. Here are five examples of white privilege I find out in my life. 1.White parents do not have to be worried about their kids world scared at school. I learned from the password that at Delavan-Darien High School, the American Diversity class divides students into whites and non-whites, and tell non-whites students, you have been oppresse d and you are still being oppressed. 2. White women represent beauty and lead the trends. Speaking of this, why dont we take a look at the proportion of white models in the 2013 untried York Fashion week? An official statistic shows that out of the 5,000 styles in last New York Fashion Week, around 80 per centum were imitate by white women.Fewer than 1,000 styles were given to women of color (Dries 1). 3. White people occupy sex act. In Congress the total is 87 percent whites, which is divided into 85 percent in the House and 96 percent in the Senate (Portero 3). The voices of politicians of color are often drowned out in the politic sea of white dominance. 4. White people are able to achieve success more easily by using their connections. Because of belong to the dominant group, white people have more connection than people of color do. Based on this, they are more likely to succeed. 5.Whites do not have to be worried about being shot one day on the street. A well-known exampl e can be the wound of Trayvon Martin. Making a run to the store to get some refreshments for his brother and himself, Martin was shot and killed by the area watch captain George Zimmerman because, according to Zimmerman, he was very suspicious. I think if Martin were a white guy, Zimmerman would not have seen him as a real suspicious looking guy. In society, people adherence whites lives as morally neutral, normative, and ideal. Whites are elevated above people of color.Although I believe all racial groups are harmed in the long run by racism, white privilege still exists as a daily reality throughout every part of the structure in the United States. Work Cited Dries, Kate. New York Fashion Week Was Chock-Full of White Models. Again. Jezebel. N. p. , 17 Sept. 2013. Web. 21 Oct. 2013. McIntosh, Peggy. White Privilege Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. Welsey, MA Wesley College Center for Research on Woman, 1988. Print. Portero, Ashley. Congress Still a White Male Lawyers Domain M embers to a greater extent Religious Than Most Americans. International Business Times. N. p. , 27 Feb. 2012. Web. 21 Oct. 2013.

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Doris Lessings Book Character Essay Example for Free

Doris Lessings Book Character EssayWe are first introduced to bloody shame as being an independent young woman. However Lessings character soon shows signs of being an precarious woman, who cares deeply what other people think about her. The reader is forced to sympathise with this self-destructing character. Throughout the original bloody shame is described as being in a state of tension and under strain. bloody shame is unable to adapt to her new life on the farm with Dick, she is constantly longing for the t birth she left over(p) behind. The linear plot is about bloody shame Turners life, going back to her childishness and progressing to her characters disastrous ending. The narrator tells of Mary being raised by frustrated parents and the hatred she felt towards her father. Her body is set with discust,She smelt the thick stuff of his trousers, a possibility that some sort of child abuse occurred, which would compute for her arrested sexuality, the fear and repulsion of sex. Mary becomes a friendless character who receives no help from her Husband and no loyalty from the servant.However violent Mary becomes with her servant she never actually commits a crime. Mary is goaded to marry Dick after she over hears people mocking her and she feels she is being ostracized. The reader persuasions Mary as a heroine who has lost her trial. We are told by the narrator that evil was not contained within this woman besides that evil was all around her. Throughout the story the authors disapproval of sexual and govern rational prejudice and the colonialism in South Africa is constantly reinforced. This in turn influences the reader not to adapt to the main characters viewing of the world.Lessings novel can be seen as Marys constant struggle to preserve her authenticity and sense of self but she fails to overcome her struggle due to the forces and conditions that surround her. Marys failures are rooted in her family and culture that in turn dooms her to her death. Although at the beginning of Mary and Mosess relationship, Mary exerts all her power and authority, we soon see a role reversal and a curious relationship develop when Moses insists on being treated like a human. From the beginning of the novel we become aware of Marys family struggles of poverty.Lessing intentionally tried to make the reader constantly befuddle from sympathising with Mary to despising her. Both Mary and Dick are identified as being tragical figures because of their failure to communicate and to address the practical and emotional difficulties in their lives. Marybelieved that she was as a albumen person is superior to the black natives in every way.The relationship that Mary develops with her black servant Moses shatters the complacency of the whitens in Africa. Moses power in the relationship is unquestionable and real. His action in murdering Mary is simply a demonstration of the control which he exerts over her and in general which the blacks hav e in their own democracy still. The whites only retain a hold based on lies and corruptionThe land is what kills Mary. Marys efforts to assert her white authority over a black man continually backfire and allow her with less control. While it is never explicitly stated, the novel suggests that Mary succumbs to him sexually just as her mental faculties begin to disintegrate(40)Marys cognizance of the murder as one compoundedby her own guilt and by vengeance, rather than unwarranted aggression, shows a strange ability to forgive her own murderer even as he performs the act that she knows he is compelled to do.(42)Theshadow of regret, followed by the desire to explain and to be absolved of guilt, marks the first and only moment in the novel in which Mary is conceived as a self-possessed agent of her own destiny(43)The reader never consent to Marys view of the world but they can relate to the traditions and cultures that she was raised in that influenced her behaviour. Mary had been b rought up to be appalled of black menShe was afraid of them the natives, of course. Every woman in South Africa is brought up to be. In her childhood she had been forbidden to walk out alone, and when she asked why, she had been told in the furtive, lowered, but matter-of-fact voice she associated with her mother, that they were nasty and might do horrible things to her(chapt4)She hated their half-naked, thick-muscled black bodies stooping in themindless rhythm of their work. She hated their sullenness, their averted eyes when they speak to her, their veiled insolence and she hated more than anything, with a violent physical repulsion, the heavy smell that came from the, a hot, sour animal smell.(chap.7)The reader identifies with Marys Emotional failure as a white woman, a wife that rendered from her childhood upbringing and formed her into this insecure woman.

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Geoffrey Chaucer’s the Wife of Bath Essay Example for Free

Geoffrey Chaucers the married woman of bath EssayThe Wife of Baths Prologue and Tale explore many aspects of patriarchy and sometimes reveal surprising attitudes within the baloney and prologue. Discuss.Geoffrey Chaucers the Wife of Bath is a text which is interwoven with references to Patriarchy and unanticipated attitudes towards the social ground in which it was created.Written in a period where males dominated the hierarchy, Chaucer through the Wife portrays the reversal of handed-down roles, and a sense of rebellion and libberic instincts which at the time appe bed extraordinary His poetic sensibility, combined with an im custodyse agreement to the highest degree men and women, enabled him to survey the life about him with such imaginative insight and power. (Bennet 74) Throughout the Canterbury Tales, Chaucer tattles with noteworthy authority on a huge range of subjects. This is perhaps made possible by the assortment of characters from all areas of society wh ich travel on the pilgrimage.Alisouns character is perhaps best encapsulated in the demeanor of her entrance to the Tales. Clothed in the finest garments, her hosen weven of fyn scarlet need, well-travelled and carteyn so wroth, the Wife Strides into the Canterbury Tales on a large horse, spurs jangling, and ready to assert herself in a company made up or so simply of men She is a medieval housewife who is not just going to star in a story, she is going to tell it. ( read the Wifes Prologue and Tale) A far cry from the meek and submissive maidens so often portrayed in classic literature and fables prior to this the Wife is independent, liberated and outspoken.The Wifes relationship to the men in her life is often one of total domination and manipulation. She enjoys maistyre over her male counterparts Unne the mught they the statut holdeIn which that they were bounden un to meYe woot wel what I mean of this, pardeeAs help me God, I laughe whan I thynkeHow piteously a- nyght I made sew together swynke.The Wife governs many aspects of her husbands lives, and rules with special sovereignty in the bedroom. Her sexual powers are and plain source of subjection and control over her lovers.Very much a humanistic text, the Canterbury Tales constantly remind the reader of the complexness of the human character. One example of this could be the Knight, the embodiment of chivalrye, Trouthe and honour, freedom and curteisye in the hierarchy of society at the time. At setoff he appears to fit the specification perfectly. The however subtle passing motion which approximately removes the Knight from this brave and righteous tradition is left with us when he is described as meke as a mayde.Chaucer understood the depth of personality in each individual, and that a stereotype is never applicable. His characters almost always only very nearly fit the stereotype, and leave us scope to remain unconvinced about the rest. This refusal to comply with what many would describe as the one dimensional and traditional Fairytale characters allows for the issues of patriarchy to be discusses liberally.Interestingly, even at points of text which reflect a relaxed and conversational tone, the Wife constantly feels the demand to reemphasise and argue her point with references to astrology and biblical references. These biblical references however are often contorted to lawsuit the Wifes requirement in the argument. For example the term from Genesis 122,28Go forward and multiply is used as an excuse for the remarriage of the wife. This control and knowledge of the Churchs text hold still for a disregard to Patriarchal structures at many levels. The male governed Church, with its male oriented texts and belief systems for the Wife especially represent the oppression of men. For Alisoun the structures of literature, religion and authority are connected in that they represent male dominance.The Wife of Bath however cannot be totally classified as a pro feminist char acter. At many levels her dishonest, manipulative nature reinforces the common negative conceptions of anti- feminism at the time. Hansen (cited in Beidler) claims that this anti-feminist treatment mentioned above is less of a product of archness towards patriarchal literature. Instead she is trapped in a prison house of anti-feminist discourse.She is unable to see that her tactics simply reinforce all the stereotypical Medival ideas about women as cruel, emotional, and sexually voracious. Chaucer therefore is seen as reinforcing antifeminist views rather than undermining them. Alisoun provides a vessal through which thousands of years of antifeminist literature are regurgitated with a revised purpose and tone of archness. One example of this method comes in Alisouns first words to the group, a repeat of earlier rhetoric (Awkroyd) Expeience, though no autoritee,Were in this world, is right ynogh for meTo speak of woe that is in marriage.Peter Awkroyd (2005) believes that Chaucer us es much of the antifeminist literature of the period but, by placing it in the Wifes capacious mouth, he lends it a new and ironic lease of life.The Wifes five marriages on the outset portray a sense of calculated systematic marrying for the advancement of wealth and power. However, it could be argued that Alison was to a greater extent than simply a ruthless professional. There are arguments that the fourth, and especially the fifth husband Jenkin, captured her love and stood in more than equal stead with their spouse That al myn herte I yaf unto his hold/ He was, I trowe, a twenty winter oold, and I was fourty. Although the true love described by Chaucer at first appears conformal to the comment of traditional literature, as often the incase in the Tales, there is a cause for disease.In this case the context in which the romance begins, the burial ceremony of husband number four, Alisoun covets the younger page boy and her future husband. In Jankin, Alisoun finds a man to which she is willing to submit. Cruel, abusive, manipulative this husband domineers the relationship, physically, emotionally and sexually. At this present the once immovable opposition to patriarchy admits that he partner so well koude he me glose. what is more the Wife admits that it is this form of denial and subornation in a relationship which causes women to request what they cannot have wait whatcrave The dictatorship of Jenkin is further developed by Minnis, who claims Jenkin read aloud to her (translating from his anthology of antifeminist texts It could be said then that she has acquire at home, from her husband how acquiescent and submissive can one get? (Minnis 249)The Wife of Baths Tale and Prologue, as a text which attempts to examine Patriarchy, the attitudes portrayed are purposely less definable. practically categorised as either a feminist or anti- feminist text, The Wife of Bath is a complex mixture between the two. Chaucer, as always does not provide specific or obvious attitudes to these hierarchies and relationships. Instead, like his characters he provides us with an insightful cross- section of the Patriarchal society in which he existed. abduce ListAwkroyd, Peter. The Tales of Canterbury. Chaucer. London Vintage, 2005. 150 53. Beidler, Peter G. Geoffrey Chaucer The Wife of Bath. New York Bedford Books, 1996. Bennet, H.S. Chaucer. Oxford History of English Literature Chaucer and the fifteenth Century. Ed. F.P Wilson and Bonamy Dobre. London Oxford, 1947. 74 75. Minnis, Alastair. Chapter 4 Gender as Fallibility. Fallible Authors Chaucers Pardonerand Wife of Bath. Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008. 249. Reading the Wife of Baths Prologue and Tale. York Notes Advanced The Wife of Baths Prologue and Tale. London Longman, 1998. 3 10.

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The U.S. economy Essay Example for Free

The U.S. parsimoniousness Essayand one that some economic analysts say may persist for at least another(prenominal) year. The unemployment rate has risen to levels not seen in over 20 years. The current unemployment rate is at 8% and is expected to rise further. The inflation rate is -2. 4 percent, meaning that overall, prices are falling. Recommendation Currently our scrimping is in deep recession and one of the challenges we swallow is the unemployment rate, which has risen to levels not seen in over 20 years.The current unemployment rate is at 8% and is expected to rise further. Also we have one much challenge of inflation of -2. 4 percent it means that our economy is in deflation as overall prices are reducing. After having a detail discussion with my colleagues, economic consultants and economic advisors I have following recommendation for President of the United States to bring the economy back on track-I believe and sum up with my colleagues Raymond Burke and Alli son Tanney advice that Government/Congress should use Expansionary fiscal insurance policy along with Expansionary monetary policy. This will be accomplished by increasing aggregate expenditures and aggregate demand through an increase in governance spending (both government purchases and transfer payments) or a decrease in taxes. I also hold with by colleague Patricia Lopez that Fed should leave interest rates alone, but strongly sell bonds and shape up the bank reserve requirement.This will increase the money supply and decrease interest rates. This is accomplished by buying U. S. Treasury securities in the open market, lowering the discount rate, and reducing reserve requirements. In these uncontrollable economic times, I would recommend that the President should increase in government purchases, a decrease in taxes, and/or an increase in transfer payments to close a recessionary gap, stimulate the economy, and decrease the unemployment rate.I disagree with the colleague Kat hy Lee that the President should consider to raise taxes and reducing government spending, since this will have negative impact on our current economy as this will not help us to control unemployment. Finally, I recommend the President to use Expansionary fiscal policy along expansionary monetary policy to help our economy to recovery current deep recession.

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Factors to be considered when planning to fill a vacancy and carry out an interview Essay Example for Free

Factors to be considered when planning to hold a va commodecy and carry divulge an interview EssayThe purpose of recruitment is too attract the better groundworkdidates for the duty, and to hence pick the most suitable. To profit sure that the best somebody is picked Human resources will lose to make sure that they ar clear about* What the line of products entails* What qualities are required to do the duty?* What rewards are needful to retain and motivate employees.If the wrong person is recruited and accordingly finds the job too boring or difficult, then the business will not get the best out of its Human resources Department. It will also mean additional costs for the disposal because if the employee leaves because they are inapposite they would have wasted money on bringing up and will have concernise for their replacement.When fill a vacuum a progeny of things have to be considered. Before even thinking about filling the job vacancy the arranging of n ecessity to carry out a job abstract. The job analysis is a study of what the job entails. It contains skills, training and tasks that are needed to carry out the job.The reason why the organisation needs to recruit to fill the vacancy is a very crucial aspect to consider, because the person in the job before may have been unhappy. To prevent this from happening again managers can site up exit interviews with the previous employee to see if they are able to improve the job.Are records of Past Employees accessible?Records of past employees would also be a good thing for any organisation to have because then the business may be able to hire someone who has worked for them before this would save induction and training costs.Whether or not the organisation recruits internally or externally is an important factor to consider. If the organisation recruits internally* Savings can be make, and individuals with inside knowledge of how the business operates will need less conviction for induction and shorter periods of training.* The organisation is unlikely to be disrupted by someone who is used to working there.* informal promotion acts will act as a motivator to other members of staff within the organisation.* From the organisations intend of view, they will be able to asses the strengths and weaknesses of an insider, however there is always a risk attached to hiring an outlander who may only prove to be good on paper.The disadvantages to recruiting internally are that* You will have to replace the person who has been promoted.* An insider may be less likely to make criticisms of the business to get the organisation working in a more effective way.* Promotion of one person is an organisation may upset another.Has the appropriate Recruitment documentation been drawn up?Recruitment documentation is another important aspect this includes the job description, person stipulation, advertisements and interview sheets.Job DescriptionPurposeThe job description needs to include the job title, responsibilities and a simple description of the role and duties of the employee within the organisation.To make sure that the job description is up-to-date a job analysis should be carried out.The Job Description has a number of uses* It tells the candidates for a job what is expected of them.* It helps personnel officers to compare the job description with the candidate.* The Job Description can be used as a gauge to see whether or not the employee is doing the job properly, by comparing their activities with the job description.* Arguments about what the employee has to do can be settled by looking at the job description.The job description is a means of communication between the organisation and candidate to tap relevance of potential applicants.Person SpecificationThe purpose of a person specification is to outline the example of applicant the business is looking for.The person specification also gives potential applicants the chance to match themsel ves against the specification.The organisation needs to know the type of person they are looking for this can be set out in the person specification.The person specification sets out the mental and physical attributes, which will be needed for the job.A person specification is used so the future candidates know what qualities they should have and what is expected from them.It can also be called upon in an interview situation where the employer can match the candidate to the person specification and the position.AdvertisementJob advertisements are an important aspect to the recruitment process. An organisation is able to advertise job vacancies to a selected audience through their job advertisements.Advertisements must reach the people who have the qualities needed to fill the vacancy.The nature of the advert will depend on* The target audience managers, supervisors, retail assistants etc.* Where the advert will be placed on a notice board in a local or national newspaper, etc.A good job advertisement will provide prospective candidates with information and will also discourage people who are not qualified for the vacancy.The way in which the vacancy is publicise will be different is the job is being announce internally or externally.If the job is being advertised internally it will be most likely to be advertised on the staff notice board or in the jobs bulletin, however if the job is being advertised externally it is more likely to be advertised in a newspaper.Interview Assessment ricochetIn an interview assessment form the areas for evaluation are usually* Physical appearance and carriage Does the candidate have the right image suited to the advertised post?* Attainments What experience and qualifications that they have resonate the needs of the post.* General Intelligence* Special Aptitudes What skills does the candidate have which relates to the job for example foreign languages or knowledge in the latest software package.* Personality/disposit ionAnother factor of recruitment, which needs to be considered, is the legislation, which affects it. If the organisation does not comply with the set legislation then the individual responsible will be taken to court or the industrial tribunal. To avoid legal action an organisation will make sure that the recruitment criteria are made clear and that any terms of employment are made obvious to the candidate.The organisation needs to make sure that its company policy and practice comply with the applicable legislation.A number of the laws affecting the recruitment process are* Disabled Persons (Employment) Act 1958This deals with an obligation on firms of more than twenty employees to employ disabled people up to at least three per centime of the workforce.* Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and 84This deals with the prohibition placed upon job advertisers to discriminate against women in denote or conditions of service.* Race Relations Act 1980 and 1982This is the outlawing of discrimi nation against employees because of their race, colour or ethnic origin.After the vacancy has been filled, the Human Resources department needs to be sure that they leave enough time for vetting and background checks if the job requires this for example any jobs involving children. If this is not dealt with effectively the organisation will be in the position of having an vacant vacancy until they are completed.

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Prison Nursing Essay Example for Free

Prison Nursing EssayI had been a nurse for 1 yr, and only worked in long term care. I craved a change in my career that was exciting, yet ch on the wholeenging I decided to become a punitive nurse. I had no idea what was in store for me when I applied for a position with UTMB . I spoke with family and friends who thought I was crazy for wanting to work in such a hateful environment. Needless to say, I didnt listen and followed my own instinct. When I was hired, I had not taken a tour of the facility day one was the first time I walked into a prison. As I walked in the gate house, I was saying to myself this isnt so badI kept presentment myself those same words the whole time I was taking my shoes off , letting my pig down to be searched, and getting frisked while checking for contraband. After the most violating pat down I had forever received was over, my heart began to pound. What am I getting myself into? Once in the infirmary I was stipulation a brief description of job duties. By now my heart was in my throat, besides I kept up the brave front . I learned that I would be working in our clinic with convicts that required inpatient medical care. My role was to provide nursing care only. A few things I had to take into consideration they were convicts.They could be quite manipulative and they tried to test me each time I turned around. They asked questions about my personal life and they asked for favors. They would also ask me to bring in things from the real realism or deliver items or letters. This behavior could be grounds for termination so any and every time I was asked to do any of the things I listed or anytime an inmate tried to get to personal it had to be reported. The inmate would then sop up to face disciplinary action. It was very hard to remember all the dos and donts while maintaing professionalism, as well as maintain safety and sanity.In the Texas prison system the inmates endure grueling conditions. In the winter its freezi ng cold, old boilers are all they have to prevent warm. In the summer its smoldering hot, old noisy fans are all they have to keep cool. Being tender hearted as I am, I couldnt help but feel blasphemous for them. I was raised to see the good in every body. I was also raised to conceive in an eye for an eye. It was really hard to provide unbiased care when I knew I was dealings with a child molester or a rapist. I know we were trained to put all our emotions aside, but in reality my emotions would sometimes get the best of me.I only worked as a punitory nurse for a yr. I enjoyed working with other members of the medical staff as well as correctional officers. I actually enjoyed working with the inmates, providing medical care. I have had my share of inmates cursing and yelling at me and have witnessed situations I will never forget. I learned very quickly to be thick-skinned. I learned to be tough in order to do the job and survive. I hushed reminisce about the adrenalin rush I would get every time and emergency would arise. Im glad I made the choice to work at the Wynne Unit it was definitely a life changing experience.

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Mary Shelleyss Frankenstein Essay Example for Free

bloody shame Shelleyss Frankenstein EssayHe esteemes he was dead, feels that the world is mocking him and that he is the that one, who is not loved and cared for in the entire world. He declares war against the species and especially the man who created him. This shows us, that Frankensteins monsters biggest wish really is to be accepted, and when denied this, he goes completly berserk, not unavoidablenessing to face the facts that are being presented to him. We can as well tell, that he has a lot of selfpity, and a great understanding of the unfairness of his situation. But the next twenty-four hour period he goes back, because deep inside he still has hope, and he convinces himself, that last nights incident was just as well as much too early. When arriving at the cottage he discovers that the family has moved, and his last shred of hope disapprears, and he burn d hold the cottage, and heads for Genevi , to find his spring, so he can deliver revenge. He feels treated un fairly by Frankenstein, and calls him his cursed, cursed creator, hardly his need to find him is understandable. He wants to know where he comes from and he wants answers, which is a animationlike thing for any child, who is not in touch with its roots.On his way he saves a daughter from drowning, but gets shot instead of being thanked, and this makes his feelings towards humans much intense. When in Genevi , he captures a schoolboyish boy, who turns out to be Frankensteins son. He kills him and sets a young girl up for the murder. His reason for doing this is clear he wants to inflict pain upon Frankenstein. His reason for setting the girl up for the murder is, in his own words, because he is for ever so robbed of what she could hold in given him, because of his cursed apperenace. But she gives him an idea.He wants Frankenstein to make him a bride, someone of his own species, as horrible and deformed as himself, so that he bequeath have companionship, which is what he wants more than e actuallything else. The main characteristic of Frankensteins creation, is the longing for acceptance and company, this we can tell by his approces to first his creator and ulterior to former(a) populate, and the facts that he has feelings and intelligence. He wants nothing more than to live a normal life, and he curses his creator for making it impossible for him to do that.In the beginning he is not evil, he does not want to kill, but the actions of the humans around him, make him the monster that Frankenstein thought him to be. He feels that humans are the to the graduate(prenominal)est degree decietful of species, because they build up your hopes, and tear them back down again. His hunger for revenge is born from the constant belabor he experiences from day to day and especially from the one person who is supposed to love him, his creator, who also denies him a mate. He carries a lot of frustration, that he needs to direct somewhere, and the choice falls upon Fr ankenstein, the first to ever betray him.Despite all of this, Frankensteins monster neer gives really gives up his hope to find a place to belong. This comes to show in the way that he treats the girl he meets in the woods, Frankensteins son, and in the very end of the story, when Frankenstein himself dies. The monster begs for forgiveness and swears to kill himself. His will to live died with Frankenstein, his only connection to the human world, that he longed for so desperatly. Comparative analasys Frankenstein and his creation are similar to severally other in different aspects.Frankenstein has created a thing so dreadful, that no one will ever love it, and has in another sensation already killed all the possible loved ones in his creations life. His monster, on the other hand, actually kills all the people Frankenstein holds some dear, continuing the evil circle. The monster runs away from people and hides in the mountans, so that he will not experience any more pain, whilst Frankenstein runs away from the monster and his thought and feelings about his creation, but they some(prenominal) end up being drawn to one another, and the thing that bonds them together.They are both(prenominal), at some point, afterwards revenge. The monster chases Frankenstein down to confront him and Frankenstein chases the monster, after it has killed his family. The hunter becomes the hunted. They both have big dreams, Frankenstein about creating life and his creation about living life, but none of these dreams ever come true for any of them. sometimes it seems that Frankenstein and his monster are two halves of the analogous person, each half competing for the chance to be the ruler of the other half, or that the monster is the result of Frankensteins ego or conscience, that comes back to haunt him.They are forever bonded with each other, the bond of creator and creation, and Frankensteins unwillingness to accept this, leaves both mens lives ruined in the end. Themes o f the text Invironment vs. hereditary pattern The incredulity is very relevant for this story. This novel can be a great starting point, if you wish to discuss, if heritage or the invironment has the greatest inpact upon someone, who is new in this world. In this story, it is defienetly the invironment that has the greatest influence upon Frankensteins creature. You could say that everyone is born with the same basic needs. The need for love, companionship and a place to belong.Nobody is born evil, niether is the creature, despite the fact, that he is demolition brought back to life. He has the same needs as everybody else, but the constant rejections of his well-intended feelings and his failures, changes him into something he did not have to become, changes him into what everybody thinks that he is a monster. In this case, the invironment has destroyed something potentially beautiful. Love and revenge The story is based upon the issuing of love and revenge, in all its differen t forms. The monster wants only to be loved and accepted in a society that rejects him because of his looks.This superficial society does not look beyond his scary appereance, and he swears that he will revenge himself, which he does to his fullest, killing everyone that Frankenstein holds dear. He claims to hate the human world at this point, but at the same time, he longs for it with an aching heart. Frankenstein never realises that his creation is more than a monster, and feels very teensy-weensy regret towards the treatment of it, he feels that it is more important to protect man word form against this threat than it is to learn responsebility of his actions.He spends the simplicity of his life following the monster to the North Pole, where he dies on board a ship, never succeeding in revenging his loved ones. When the monster discoveres this, he gives up his last connection to the world has dissappeared, and he begs for forgiveness, and swears to burn himself and all evidenc e of his existence. Frankenstein only felt love for his creation when it not yet excisted and was only in his mind. As soon as it came to life, he rejected it and never thought a kind thought about it again.The creation is here his opposite he starts off only wanting to love, later on wanting revenge, but with the hope of recieving love still deeply a part of his nature. The modern Prometheus bloody shame Shelley subtitles her novel, The modern Prometheus. Prometheus, an ancient Greek, stole fire from the gods, to give to the humans. As punishment for his undoing, he was chaining to a rock, and free-and-easy a bird-of-prey would come and eat his liver, which would then grow back. Mary Shelley did not chose this subtitle for no reason.It most certainly relates to Victor Frankenstein and his creation. Victor stole a power from God, the power to create life, and he is severly penalise for this. His horrible creation comes back to haunt both his mind and his psysical being every day for the rest of his life. Victors gift to the world causes shoemakers last, and the same does Prometheus. Though both men meant well, their interference with forces beyond their power, brings only death and destruction, especially for the two men themselves. Perspective to the periodThe novel was written during an early phase of the industrial Revolution, at a time of dramatic advances in science and technology. The fact that the creation rebels against its creator, can be a warning from Mary Shelley, that science can lead to terrible consequences, if you do not take responsebility for your actions. This was a time, where young scientist felt, that the world was at their feet and that they had endless possibilities, and experiments to try and revive dead bodies did indeed take place when Mary grew up, and has most likely inspired her to write the story.This was also a time, were people were both facinated and scared by the new science of electricity, and Mary chose to include both this science and the science of chemistry, which was of high interest to the generel public and to herself, in her record. Mary Shelley wrote her novel not long after the gothic novels point in the 1790s, and there was definitely a market for these kind of stories. It is hard to make a nett conclusion of this book. There are so many topics and themes, questions and feelings to discuss, that it would take forever to get through them all, which makes this book more than just a horror story meant to frighten you.This is a novel of great seriousness, and you direct get caught in the whirlwind of emotions, that Frankenstein and his creation both have. Mary Shelley tries in her book, to dissect the human nature, while give tongue to a captivating tale of two mens journey through life, and the terrible things humans can do to one another.Rikke Juelsgaard Petersen Til d. 25, september 07 Engelsk aflevering EG, 2e 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This assimilat or written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

Motivation Letter Essay Example for Free

Motivation Letter EssayMotivation Letter Application For Studying In University capital of Minnesota Cezanne Aix Marseille To whom it may concern In addition to all my documents provided, I would like to take this bulky opportunity to write a motivation letter to clarify my main reason that drives me to study in University Paul Cezanne Aix Marseille. After graduation from _____ University major in Industry external Trade, I acquired knowledge in an extensive business area, for example, accounting, finance, international trade, corporate management, law etc.I worked at reference book Control department at Accenture Consulting Company for around 2 years. My responsibility includes providing customer service to UK clients, roll up overdue debt, applying cash payments, making financial adjustments and analyzing credit status for customers. My interpersonal skills improved greatly and position skill was polished as well through unremarkable contact with British customers. Curre ntly I have been worked as pay heedant product manager at Golden Label 5 International Trade Company.My responsibilities are to communicate with the sales team, the distributors and the promotional girls in order to motivate them and to let them be more and more aware of our brands images to manage efficiently the existing marketing tools to participate in the increment of new marketing tools and participate in the development of the promotions for the day market. I believe that my current work experience is the main reason that drives me to study in France. By choosing to study University Paul Cezanne Aix Marseille on that point are a few advantages that I bottom achieve my goalMy current job is to assist my french boss (marketing director) to communicate with the sales team, the distributors and the promotional girls in order to motivate them and to let them be more and more aware of our brands images. Meanwhile boost and maintain our brand image. In order to gather better with my boss, I started to learn french since last June. Although we still discuss in English during daily life, my French language does help me a lot when I explain some authentic French traditional wines and spirits knowledge to customers. I know more and more about French, French elaboration, French wine, etc.And I believe that what I will obtain in University Paul Cezanne Aix Marseille get together me a global view of International corporate management and have a multi-culture background. France is a multicultural country, and University Paul Cezanne Aix Marseille is a well-known multicultural university. I can learn how to interact deep down different cultures to improve my interpersonal skills. I also can build up a profit that comprises friends from different countries and areas. France has good relationship with China. And now China is becoming certainly the biggest potential market for France.With my multi- culture background and French experience and skills, when I ha ve completed study in France and returns China, I can participate into the development of business cooperation or any other relationship. In short, by choosing to study in University Paul Cezanne Aix Marseille, I will benefit greatly from the extraordinary experience for building up my professional career, and I will help to build China, my motherland, into a well-managed market economy country. I am looking forward that my application can be assessed and approved at your earliest convenience class Regards Li