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Private Military Contractor Essays - Private Military Contractors

Private Military Contractor By: Justin Hanson History of the career. During the cold war president Eisenhower fought a fight in Vietnam to battle against the communism ideas and so he hired people to fight for him so private military companies took the opportunity. Since the years past the companies have been getting bigger and bigger. People in this career There is approximately 10 military personnel in the united states to 1 of the private military employees. Some trends of employment is that you have to have a background of combat training of sorts. This job is mostly located in Afghanistan and Iraq but it can be anywhere they want you. Duties of this career You get put into dangerous places to restore order and peace while getting paid a lot. For example you could be tasked with guarding a government building in a city in Afghanistan that has been targeted by the enemy. You get paid according to every day you are deployed out in the field. Qualifications Military background or training of the kind is key. Male or female Good physical condition You have to be able to react quickly to anything that could go wrong. You have to be able to prepare for the worst. A High school education is required The most common way to get into this career is to join the military and serve a few years and then join the private military. My plan Graduate Highschool Join the Marines for 8 years Join the private military company blackwater and be a defensive marksman. Related Fields Marines Army Navy Air force National Guard Being Rambo Finding a job in this career Some companies that hire private military contractors in the us are Academi (blackwater) ICTS International Northbridge Services Group Triple Canopy Prosegur Aegis Defense Services Earnings Instead of getting paid by the hour you get paid by every day you deploy to do something. Beginning salary: 180,000 a year Average salary: 225,000 a year Exceptional salary: 370,000 a year Nature of the job Some benefits I would gain by working at his job would be Exceptional marksman skills with weapons Good physical condition Strong mind Career Advancement Getting a career advancement is this career is seeming to be kind of easy. All you need to do is take the proper classes and meet the requirements and then you can apply to get a better paying or different job that you want to work. Reflection I definitely would want to work in this career for a while because with an average salary I would be retired at 50 with a well of amount of money to spend on Toys that I want to buy.

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How To Use Indefinite Articles Un and Una in Spanish

How To Use Indefinite Articles Un and Una in Spanish If you listen to oldies music, you may recall one of the sentences of a popular Spanish-language dance tune: Yo no soy marinero, soy capitn, soy capitn. Translated, that would be, I am not a mariner, I am a captain, I am a captain. That sentence indicates one of the differences between Spanish and English. Although English requires the word a before mariner and captain, Spanish doesnt require an equivalent word, which in this case would be un. Un and Una Classified as Indefinite Articles A and an are known to grammarians as indefinite articles, and the Spanish equivalents are un (used before masculine nouns and noun phrases) and una (feminine). Using the Spanish indefinite articles when they arent needed is one of the pitfalls for many beginning Spanish students. Say no soy un marinero, soy un capitn, and it would sound as awkward (and improper) as one possible translation into English: I am not one mariner, I am one captain. Generally speaking, whenever you use un or una in Spanish, you need to use a or an to say the equivalent in English. But the reverse isnt true. The appearance is that Spanish frequently omits the indefinite articles. Omitting Articles With Ser Dont use the indefinite article before an unmodified noun after a form of ser (to be), especially in reference to occupation, religion, affiliation, or social status. Normally, if the noun is modified, the article should be used: Soy profesor. (I am a teacher.)Él es un buen dentista. (He is a good dentist. Here, dentista is modified by buen.) ¿Eres catà ³lica? - No, soy una metodista feliz. (Are you a Catholic? No, Im a happy Methodist. Metodista is modified by feliz, but the unmodified catà ³lica stands alone.)Es artista. (She is an artist.)Es una artista que muere de hambre. (She is a starving artist.) Omitting Articles With Otro A common mistake made by English speakers is to use un otro or una otra for another. Otro/otra stands by itself. Quisiera otra taza. (I would like another cup.)Comprà ³ otro coche. (She bought another car.)Quiero viajar a otra ciudad chilena. (I want to visit another Chilean city.) Omitting Articles With Certain Large Numbers The numbers mil (1,000) and cien (100) do not need the article. Mil and cien already refer to one thousand and one hundred, respectively. Gana mil dà ³lares por mes. (He earns a thousand dollars per month.)Tiene cien aà ±os. (She is a hundred years old.)Hay mil maneras de cambiar el mundo. (There are a thousand ways to change the world.) Omitting Articles In Exclamations Using Que In exclamations such as  ¡Quà © sorpresa! (What a surprise!), theres no need to put anything between the que and the following noun.  ¡Quà © lstima! (What a shame!) ¡Quà © casa! (What a house!) ¡Quà © diferencia hace un dà ­a! (What a difference a day makes!) Omitting Articles With Some Prepositions After sin (without), the article is usually omitted unless the speaker is emphasizing the utter lack of something: Escribe sin ordenador. (He writes without a computer.)La ciudad tendr un mximo de 30 grados sin posibilidad de lluvia. (The city will have a high of 30 degrees without a possibility of rain.)La cantante compartià ³ fotos sin una gota de maquillaje. (The singer shared photos of herself without a single touch of makeup. It would be grammatically correct to leave out the una, but its inclusion puts emphasis on the utter lack of makeup.) The article is usually omitted after con (with) when con has a meaning similar to English words or phrases such as wearing or equipped with. When con can be translated as using, the article is typically omitted if the object is being used in an ordinary way. El bebà © come con cuchara. (The baby eats with a spoon. This is the ordinary use for a spoon, while the use in the next sentence isnt.)El preso se escapà ³ de la crcel con una cuchara. (The prisoner escaped from the jail with a spoon.)Vestir con zapato plano y obtener un resultado de 10 es posible. (Dressing with flat shoes and getting a 10 is possible. Contrast this sentence with the following example, where the shoe isnt being worn.)Sà © como abrir una botella con una zapato. (I know how to open a bottle with a shoe.) Omitting Articles After Certain Verbs The article is frequently omitted after forms of tener (to have), comprar (to buy), llevar (to wear), and some other verbs when generically referring to things that people would normally have or use one at a time. No tengo coche. (I dont have a car.)Lleva camisa. (He is wearing a shirt.)Vamos a comprar casa. (Were going to buy a house.) ¿Tiene madre? (Does he have a mother?) Including the Indefinite Article When English Doesn’t Finally, there is one case where we dont use the indefinite article in English where its needed in Spanish. In a series of two or more words joined by and, we often leave out the a or an, but when using y in Spanish the un or una is used to avoid ambiguity. In English we might say a cat and dog, for example, but in Spanish it must be un gato y un perro. Without the second un, the phrase would be understood as referring to one creature, a cross between a cat and dog. Note the distinction in these sentences: Conozco a un artista y un dentista. (I know an artist and I know a dentist.)Conozco a un artista y dentista. (I know a dentist who is also an artist.) Key Takeaways Although un and una are the equivalent of one, they are often better translated as a or an.Most of the time that Spanish uses un or una before a noun, the corresponding English sentence can be translated using a or an.The opposite, however, is not always true, as there are many times that an a or an is left untranslated in Spanish.

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VH Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

VH - Case Study Example One of the major risk factors pointed out is that the management is old and unproven. The CEO is too old, that is about 70 years, and the CTO is his son. However, as far as Telco Exchange agrees to change the CEO and appoint someone who is suggested by Valhalla, this risk is solved to a great extent. The scope of the field Telco Exchange is engaged in is evident from the Aberdeen finding that while the average profit of a Fortune 500 company is 1% of its revenue, the money the company spends on telecommunications is around 0.84% of the total amount. So, as far as Telco manages to provide highly integrated and comprehensive solutions, there will be growth, or, at least, the business will not go down. Though there is a possibility that some financially able competitors like MSS Group, Teldta Control, Profitline, and QuantumShift may try to develop software solutions, they will address only the financial part of the issue, thus failing to address inventory management and service order. So, there is no possibility of any serious threat to Telco Exchange in the near future. Hence, Art Marks can vote to invest in Telco Exchange. B. ... However, as the companies know, these are not complete solutions as they do not address the root cause of the problem. On the other hand, Telco Exchange offers a much more comprehensive and integrated solution that identifies the root causes and the unnecessary services and equipments. It also helps prevent erroneous ordering and make sure that the elements which are not needed are eliminated. In addition, it provides a holistic view of the communication infrastructure of the companies. Furthermore, Telco Exchange helps automating the ordering process, thus making the data available for all parties to work with. This helps to ensure that the corporate policies are properly followed. Thus, it becomes evident that the outsourcing approach will not provide a solution that is as effective as that of Telco Exchange, and hence not a risk. The third risk is that the present management is unproven, with a CEO aged 70. In addition, the CTO is his son. It is necessary for the company to change the existing management, however, without any effect on the existing customers and performance. C. The Valhalla due diligence is perfect in the fact that though it may fail to provide huge profit through investment based on wild assumptions, it takes maximum care on not losing the investment. Thus, investors are offered an investment that is free from risk to the maximum possible extent. The investment decision is taken after duly studying the investment memo, and to take the decision, the whole board should vote unanimously; not based on majority. This ensures that all issues and risks concerning the investment are fully analyzed and not even a

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Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Behavior - Essay Example When discovered, cheating does not only impact the student’s reputation but also his relationship with others. As a form of deception, cheating is used to protect one’s own happiness or merits. It is an actually a selfish act, as it only protects only the personal happiness or contentment of the individual. A student cheats on his homework so he will not get a failing grade. He may be doing it to prevent his parents from being unhappy with him, or he is protecting his name or his benefits. Same as lying, cheating protects something that makes him feel happy or comfortable. But the same with lying, it jeopardizes one’s morality and confidence. It sacrifices confidence as it shows that the person is not confident that he will be able to answer questions on his own. It shows that the person is not able to accept his limitations, and is taking the easy way out in learning and improving himself. Cheating is a shortcut to showing that one knows something factual. It is not from his own understanding. And this indicates lack of self-confidence and lack of perseverance to really understand and learn what he needs to understand and learn. Cheating affects not only the person cheating but also other people around him. Because he is covering up for his lack of knowledge, pretending that he knows something he doesn’t, other people may believe him for his pretentions. And when he slips and the truth is revealed, that he does not really know what he is talking about, people tend to veer away from him. Deceptions are very damaging when discovered. It creates a gap between people. Remember the classic childhood story of The Boy who Cried Wolf? In the end, when one’s deceptions are discovered, it marks his persona and people tend to doubt his words. When it is the truth that they are speaking, they might find that people don’t listen to them anymore. One of the most common undesirable behaviors is lying. There are different forms of lyi ng. People lie because of different reasons. Some forms of lying are cheating, bending the truth, fabricating stories or information and denying what is real or the truth. Anything that is fabricated or deceiving, in the form of oral and written communication, is lying. Everyone has an episode of lying. One of the most common forms of lying is cheating. This is very common with students. Cheating is not just about copying other’s answers during exams or for homeworks, whether intentional or unintentional. It also involves plagiarism, passing another’s work as his own and inventing or fabricating stories that are claimed to be factual. It can also involve stealing answer keys and even revealing answer keys by posting them through the internet or passing it off to friends. When it’s intentional, cheating involves not only the cheater but also the person who allows the cheater to copy his work. This shows that cheating may involve more than one person. Even if the person knows that cheating is bad and that he, himself, is not cheating, in a way he becomes part of the cheating process since he allowed the cheater to cheat using his answers. This shows how cheating affects relationships and the reputation of the cheater and person being used to cheat. The same with lying, one of the common reasons for cheating is to protect something that the cheater is benefiting from. Examples of these are maintaining high grades, getting additional credits, being known as the top in the class and getting attention from the teacher and parents because of the high grades. Another reason might be pressure from peers, wherein the cheater is part of a group who cheats. Jumping in the bandwagon is also another

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Our position in Education is Cut Away Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Our position in Education is Cut Away - Essay Example 2.5 trillion budget eliminating dozens of politically sensitive domestic programs, including funding for education, to help meet his goal of shaving the budget deficit in half by 2009 (Allen & Baker, 2005). â€Å"The budget calls for 48 education program cuts totaling $4.3 billion, including $2.2 billion for high school programs, mostly state grants for vocational education. The budget would cut $440 million in Safe and Drug-Free School grants, $500 million in education technology state grants and $225 million for the Even Start literacy program according to the documents† (Allen & Baker, 2005). House Budget Committee Democrats said their analysis shows that the deficit will hit $495 billion in 2004, and will never go below $300 billion in the 2004-2013 period, reaching a total over the decade of $3.7 trillion. Rising federal deficits have triggered the need for the elimination of some monies for education (Federal Deficit, 2003). Vice President Dick Cheney defended the cuts a s measured. "I think youll find, once people sit down and have a chance to look at the budget, that it is a fair, reasonable, responsible, serious piece of effort,† he told Fox News Sunday. â€Å"The Administrations claim that it will cut the deficit in half by 2009 lacks credibility,† said a report released last week by House Budget Committee Democrats. â€Å"When the omitted items are included, along with the impact of making Bushs first-term tax cuts permanent, the report estimated that the government would rack up $6.1 trillion in deficit spending over the next decade† (Allen & Baker, 2005). Therefore, these numerous cuts in education spending in such key areas as vocational education, after school programs, family literacy programs and college support are being made ostensibly to reduce the federal deficit but are, in reality, having little effect on the deficit and a huge detrimental effect on the country’s population. In presenting his fiscal 2006 budget request to Congress,

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Southwest Airlines Culture, Mission and Values

Southwest Airlines Culture, Mission and Values The most impressive thing I find about Southwest Airlines (SWA) is the history of the company. I really admire how Herb Kelleher fought to create SWA, even when everything and everyone was against him, and how his warrior spirit has shaped the organization ´s culture and performance. Also it is very impressive to me how the company can be profitable with a low cost strategy. It is well known that airlines companies do not make any gain even with high ticket prices so it is really amazing to me how SWA is successful in this point. Finally I am really impressed with its human resources management and the spirit of the company. I found really interesting that a customer driven business dedicated to sales has one of its core principles stating Employees come first and customers come second. I think it is a really smart thought to believe that happy employees will keep customers happy. What grade would you give Southwest management for the job it has done in crafting the companys strategy? What is it that you like or dislike about the strategy? Does Southwest have a winning strategy? In my opinion, management did a great job crafting the strategy of the company. At the beginning, Herb Kelleher saw a market opportunity with the flight triangle and fought hard to sustain the company. With his performance and behavior indirectly he was setting the pillars of Southwest. Since the beginning Herb established the mission and vision of Southwest and objectives pointing out the path to follow. Also Herb hired very talented executives and managers with much experience in the sector. The only thing that I do not like about the SWA strategy is that I think is limited on growth. The planes purchased, the airports working at and some in-flight services such as not offering meals limit the possibility of expanding internationally. According to the book Essentials of Strategic Management (Chapter 1) to know if a company winning strategy, 3 questions can be used: Does the strategy fit the companys situation? Has the strategy yielded a sustainable competitive advantage? Has the strategy produced good financial performance? In my opinion, SWA has excellent performance in each of the questions. The strategy fit competitive conditions in the industry (external) and has important resources and capabilities. Also the cost reductions carried out by the company confers a competitive advantage over competitors and the financial performance is excellent. What are the key policies, procedures, operating practices, and core values underlying Southwests efforts to implement and execute its low-cost/no frills strategy? They key policies that I find on Southwest are: Using only one type of airplane: as it is explained in the case, using only Boeing 737 allowed them to minimize to minimize the size of spare parts inventories, simplify the training of maintenance and repair personnel, improve the proficiency and speed with which maintenance routines could be done, and simplify the task of scheduling planes for particular flights  [1]  . Introduction of ticketless travel: this element helped SWA to reduce cost related to travel agents and emission of paper tickets  [2]  . Deemphasizing of congested airports, helping them to produce better-than-average on-time performance and reduce fuel cost  [3]  . Implementation of point-to-point scheduling of flights, which is more cost-efficient than the hub-and-spoke systems implemented by competitor airlines  [4]  . Use of fuel hedging and derivate contracts to counteract rising prices for crude oil and jet fuel. Empowerment of employees and TQM approach, contributing to fast problem solving and efficiency. The motto employees are first, customers second has generated a strong company culture motivating employees to do their jobs in the best way, achieve goals and objectives more efficiently and thus, creating a direct contribution to the company ´s profitability. What are the key elements of Southwests culture? Is Southwest a strong culture company? Why or why not? What problems do you foresee that Gary Kelly has in sustaining the culture now that Herb Kelleher, the companys spiritual leader, has departed? The culture of Southwest Airlines primarily involves giving importance and emphasis on the overall welfare of its employees, having its operative principle of employees come first and customers come second. Particularly, the key elements of SWA culture are: Fun atmosphere and work environment: promoted through entertaining behaviors in performing their jobs, an ongoing pranks and jokes, and frequent company-sponsored parties and celebrations. High compensation and numerous incentives. Can do attitude: this enables the employees of the company perform their jobs effectively, solve problems efficiently, overcome adversities and celebrate the companys success. Companys culture of not giving up: developed through all the adversities the company had to face Cost-consciousness: seeking to reduce costs in every step of the business. Empowerment of employees: this motivates employees and makes them feel as an important part of the company. In my opinion it is clear that that Southwest Airlines is a strong culture company.   All elements pointed before make employees of SWA feel as part of a big family rather than merely employees of accompany who does not care about them. This feeling make the employees to work hard for the success of the company and they see the company ´s success as professional and personal achievements. Regarding the problems that I can foresee with Gary Kellys promotion, and according to the information given in the case, I cannot foresee real problems on sustaining the culture. Gary has been in the company for enough time to know which ones are the core values of SWA and the key elements of its success. Maybe the only problem I foresee is that Kelleher was very important for the organization and it will take a while to Gary to gain that position but the path that he will walk will be the same as the one walked by his predecessor. This is sustained with the video watched in class. In the video Gary Kelly was presented as a down to earth boss who knows most of his employees, and still follows the ideas established by Kelleher like treating the customers as queens and kings and employees better. What grade would you give Southwest management for the job it has done in implementing and executing the companys strategy? Which of Southwests strategy execution approaches and operating practices do you believe have been most crucial in accounting for the success that Southwest has enjoyed in executing its strategy? Are there any policies, procedures, and operating approaches at Southwest that you disapprove of or that are not working well? According to the book Essentials of Strategic Management (chapter 10) a successful strategy must have 8 components: In my opinion, SWA is successful in most of the eight points: SWA is mainly characterized on recruiting the best and bights people they can find and then retain them with excellent compensation packages, opportunities for rapid advancement and professional growth, and challenging and interesting assignments  [5]  . The success of SWA was to tackle those activities that were critical in its low-cost strategy. The company only operates one type of aircraft, was the first company to introduce ticketless travel or point-to-point scheduling of flights. These are just few examples on how research and marketing departments put their entire effort on finding ways to reduce cost in every step of the service offered. Also the TQM approach is very good implement due to the empowerment of employees at all levels: empowering people to take decisions will make a positive difference every day  [6]  and the improvement of total customer service and satisfaction by hiring personnel who enjoyed interacting with customers and developing marketing tools as frequent-flyer program and rapid reward based on trips flown rather than mileage. SWA has a really strong corporate culture fostered by its executive management level. In SWA managers are expected to spend at least one-third of their time out of the office, walking around the facilities under their supervision, observing firsthand what is going on, listening to employees, and being responsive to their concerns. Also company executives are very approachable and in 1990 formed a Culture Committee. All this things also help to pursue the goal of customer satisfaction. SWA also believed in training and promotions. Approximately 80-90% of SWA supervisory positions were filled internally. Also the salaries are above the industry average. It introduced a profit sharing plan for senior employees and stock option programs. All this contributes significantly on tying rewards to the achievement of performance objectives. For all this reasons I think that SWA management deserves an A for the job done in executing the company ´s strategy. The approaches and operating practices most crucial in accounting for the success that Southwest has enjoyed in executing its strategy has been their cost containment, recruiting process and organization ´s culture. Regarding the policies, procedures, and operating approaches that are not working well I can see that there is a weakness regarding the support systems. Many case analysis of the company point out that Southwest must be required to modify and upgrade a significant portion of its internal software to guarantee that its computer systems will function properly. What weaknesses or problems do you see at Southwest Airlines? The weakness I see in SWA is related to one point of its strategy. The current strategy of only flying to second line airports represents a problem of limited growth and there are still big cities in the USA without SWA services. And this is contradictory with the ideas of Gary C. Kelly. As it is explained in the case, during his tenure as a CEO, Kelly has worked with other top-level Southwest executives to sharpen and fine-tunes SWA ´s strategy in a number of areas and continued expanding the operations (adding both more flights and initiating service to new airports). The current strategy has a space limit that will restrain companys desires of expansion. What recommendations would you make to Gary Kelly? The first recommendation I will make to Gary Kelly is to try to keep going with the company as it is, feeding companys culture and good environment. Also try to keep their low-cost strategy even through bad times. The second suggestion I would make to Gary Kelly will be to modernize its fleet ( I have read that it is a bit old), purchase bigger planes and expand the flights to other main cities in the U.S and expand their business to other countries close to the U.S such as Mexico or Canada.

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When Norma Won a Union :: Economics Economy Governmental Essays

When Norma Won a Union The movie Norma Rae depicted a town where the people worked within a capitalist economic system. While the textile mill may have been the only major job in town, the workers could have left without being under physical threat from the company. Their free time was their own as was their salary at the end of the day. The workers were paid by the hour so that the company did not pay them based on how much product was produced during the term of labor but how much time was spent at work. Because of this, the company had to have other ways of assuring that a specific amount of goods were produced by the end of every day. The assembly line, created by John Ford for this very purpose, was one way of managing the rate of production, in addition, they hired managers to do spot-checking and such as the workers were not the ones in charge of the organization of the production process. Unlike in a feudal society, the workers sold themselves to the employers and if the employers weren't happy with their work or didn't need them anymore they could fire them and the workers would then have to enter the labor market again. One could argue that though the textile mill was the only major employer, the workers still had a choice of employer because they could have become self-employed or have left town. The company did not seem to have any direct control over the real estate in town. By not spending any money on maintaining the equipment in the factory, buying protective earphones for the workers, installing a Kotex machine, allowing workers to take a break when they needed to, or supplying health care benefits the company cut down on their expenses and increased their profits. Because the unionization of the workplace could have resulted in an increase in the cost of labor, the textile factory attempted to stop the workers in the factory from joining the TWUA(textile workers union of America) by various methods. They used economic incentives to try to keep Norma Rae from complaining and bringing up new workers' rights issues every day. By giving

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Non Objective Art, Impressionism and American Art Essay

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: * The art movement that Composition with red, yellow and blue was created in was Surrealism. * After returning to Holland in 1914, Mondrian was fascinated by abstract paintings. * With the war outbreak in Holland, Mondrian was forced to stay in Holland, where in 1916-1917, he helped form the Neo-Plasticism movement. Neo-plasticism impacted and brought out the best in a number of people, where it broke down the forms of nature, reducing the form to a pure, abstract design. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE ART WORLD: * Mondrian attempted to represent the world through vertical and horizontal lines which to him represented the two opposing forces: the positive and the negative, the masculine and the feminine, the dynamic and the static. * possesses a sense of simplicity whilst simultaneously comprises of complexity TRIVIA: * Mondrian has used oil on canvas as his materials and has created the artwork to a size of 72.7 cm by 69.2 cm. * Composition with red, yellow and blue is currently located at the Tate Gallery. * Mondrian painted for thirty years and never made a curved line. IMPRESSIONISM HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: * Claude Monet worked on WaterlilyPond from 1904 to 1905. * In 1883 Monet moved from the north-west of Paris to Giverny where he lived until his death. Adjacent to his property was a small pond which he acquired in 1893, where he created a water garden with an arched bridge in the Japanese style. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE ARTWORK: * The meaning of the painting is to inspire nature and give great beauty to whoever views it. * It is one of Monet’s larger paintings, meant to show off the beauty of the scene it captures. * The sunset color reflecting off the water is one of the many aspects of his choice to make the meaning of this painting beauty and inspiration TRIVIA: * Monet’s brush stroke — precise and pristine in the paintings of 1899 — took on an expressive vitality that was unprecedented in any of the earlier works. * In 1900 he exhibited a series of ten canvases of the pond, showing a single subject in differing light conditions. AMERICAN ART Cliff Dwellers HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: * In 1913 George Bellows painted a work titled â€Å"Cliff Dwellers.† Bellows was part of the Ash Can School, a group of artists who were influenced by every-day life and often depicted scenes in urban centers. * SIGNIFICANCE OF THE ARTWORK: * â€Å"Cliff Dwellers† is the name Ash Can School painter George Bellowsgave his 1913 depiction of lower Manhattan tenement life. * depicted the â€Å"crudity and chaos† of city life in the immigrant neighborhoods. TRIVIA: * The name of the painting comes from the title of a book about life in the new tall apartment buildings popping up in big cities. * The people were called â€Å"Cliff Dwellers† because they lived high up in small, cramped quarters like the ancient Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest.;id=12254;type=101

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Syria Crisis Essays

Syria Crisis Essays Syria Crisis Essay Syria Crisis Essay Syria Chemical Crisis On August 21, near Damascus, chemical weapons were released on Syrian citizens. There is much debate on where the attack originated from. Some people think its rebels and others think its the Syrian government. They have estimated at least 1,400 men, women, and children have died as a result of this attack. President Obama is deciding weather or not the United States will take action. Russian president Vladimir Putting has proposed a plan to turn it over to international monitors to take control of the Syrian governments chemical weapons. My thought is once the international monitors take control of the weapons, whos to say that they wont use it for their own purposes? I think some sort of punishment should be given, however, right now they arent getting punished at all. I dont think bombing Syria will help the situation at this time. Russian President Putting said A strike would increase violence and unleash a new eave of terrorism. Im not sure exactly what the outcome will be, but its still being debated right now and I guess well have to wait and see how the situation plays out. Now in order to make this essay long enough for this website to accept it, I would need to make it longer which is what I am trying to do right now. Hey, how are you? Do you like Penguins? I love Penguins. SUPERCALIFRAGILEISTICEXPEALIDOCIOUS BOOM

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Acting essays

Acting essays Perhaps one of the most thought of questions that goes through ones head in a lifetime may be what drives a person to become an actor. Well, it could be imagination, a love, or just desire to stand out. When one desires to stand out they usually want to be in the light, and the stage is a great place to start. Being on stage for the first time is scary and yet exciting. Once a person has experienced this they most often want more. Usually a person of this stature was always entertaining or performing for friends and family member, thy have humor and it is most likely well developed and focused. Through their childhood they force themselves to be noticed. They love to be in the light. Love, just love for the art can make a person act. The people who love the art are usually the ones who care and understand it the most. Perhaps they can be considered the scarifiers, the one who will do anything to make the audience laugh, cry, and giggle, feel solemn, angry, and happiness. Their love for acting make them who they are and they dont even have to try. The ones who love acting become their character in a performance. Becoming a character is tough, except for those with excellent imaginations. Usually become actors because it comes easy to them, of course, their feet must get wet into acting for them to even begin to see their hidden talent. Once in a theatre, imaginers, if you will, are character in actors shoes, instead of actors in characters shoes. They have high concentration that is not easy to break. In fact, most usually become their character a week or so before a play. As one can see, these tree examples are just a few reasons why people become actors or actresses. Im sure one could easily choose which example they fall into. ...

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Community Learning Center Seminar Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Community Learning Center Seminar - Case Study Example Reason for referral: Needs protection from house of abode for the safety of self and unborn baby. 2. Personal History GC, a 22 year old female is pregnant at gestation of 18 weeks and living in a small apartment with her partner. Findings to questions re history and violence showed that she was physically abused as a child by her father until she left the household at the age of 14 to live with friends and then within 3 or 4 different relationships with boys. The patient has been in her current relationship for 4 years and her husband often ‘knocks her around’. She claims that on one occasion when neighbors came to her defense he had ‘badly bashed’ her and knocked her into a mirror whereupon she suffered bad lacerations and bruising and had to be hospitalized. The latest incident of physical abuse occurred the week prior to her visit to this office. On this occasion her partner had arrived home late at night very drunk and dragged her out of the bed on to th e floor and ‘started hitting and kicking her’. On further questioning the patient said that she was not happy in her marriage and lived in fear of being abused whenever her husband ‘got drunk’ or ‘took any drugs’. Her problem is that she has nowhere else to go and she fears not just for her own safety but for the safety of her unborn child.

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Religion in Colonial Society Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Religion in Colonial Society - Assignment Example In Massachusetts Bay, Winthrop led a colony that he believed he was called by God to lead. He exercised authority with a divine perspective and entrenched democracy in the church. The churchmen were the only people allowed to choose their colonies leaders. In his sermon ‘A Model of Christian Charity’ Winthrop outline God purpose for the Massachusetts Bay (Winthrop). The church has a big role to play in the way the colony was governed. Consequently, the group that settled in Plymouth had a similar system in governing it people. Bradford had come out of the Church of England with the aim of reforming the church values to its primitive ways. The earlier Christian believed the bible to be the ultimate reference book in governing and others ways of life (Halsall). The Maryland Act of Toleration made profound announcement to God similar to the Puritan writings. However, the ‘Plantation Agreement at Providence expounded on the freedom of men in running out the resources in the new found colony (The Maryland Toleration Act 1649). The influence of the early religion in America has continued to influence the majority of the population. People have aligned them self to policies that have been run down through history. The Christian life of American is shaped by the ideas of the Pilgrim and the